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Eid-El-Kabir: LAMC Congratulates Muslims




The Lagos State House of Assembly Muslim Community (LAMC) has congratulated the entire Muslims globally on the occasion of the Year 2020 (1441 A.H.) Eid-ul – Adha celebration.

In a statement signed by the body of Imams of the Assembly, and which was made available to Assembly Correspondents on Wednesday, Muslims were implored to have a reflection on the significance of the season.

“As we know, Prophet Ibrahim’s (A.S.) demonstration of humanity, sacrifice, total submissiveness and above all piety readily comes to mind. These virtues are expected to be our golden rules as Muslims.

“Having submitted to sacrifice of his only son, Ismail (ASWS) Allah miraculously came to Ibrahim’s aid and replaced Ismail with a ram. This historic background should exemplify our individual and collective will that must be followed as laid down by the Prophet of Allah, Mohammad ( SAW),” the statement read.

Muslims were further urged to remember that the flesh and blood of the sacrificial animals do not reach Allah but that our piety does.

“Therefore, we should endeavour to make the fear of Allah to be our guiding principle as you slaughter your animals. The animals are to be killed and shared according to the sunnah of the messenger of Allah.

“We also enjoin you to adhere strictly to safety protocols as directed by the government to contain the further spread of the Corona Virus pandemic.

“Traditionally, Islam enjoins cleanliness which should be put into use even beyond the pandemic,” they said.

According to them, Muslims are expected to show exemplary leadership in their conducts, adding that the government’s directive on social distancing should be diligently maintained and observed.

“We pray Allah forgive those that are dead amongst us and also heal those who are currently encountering one ailments or another.

“Once again, we wish you a happy Eid celebration and many more years in good health and sound provisions,” the statement read.


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