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Eid-el-Kabir: Oyetola Warns Nigerian Youths Against Criminal Acts

By Deborah Oladejo, Osogbo
Osun State Governor, Adegboyega Oyetola has warned Nigerian youths to shun unholy and illegal means of getting rich.
The Governor who stated that they could still get rich and be comfortable doing legitimate business, warned them to abstain from things capable of undermining their potentials to become great in life.
He spoke on Sunday shortly after he observed the two Rakat prayers, at the Osogbo central eid praying ground.
Oyetola, who emphasised the need for youths to be hardworking so as to make them productive, also called on Nigerians to do away with vices such cyber-crime popularly called “Yahoo Yahoo, kidnapping and robbery among others.”
He advocated the need for Nigerians to tow the path of greatness by striving hard to accomplishing the aims and objectives of Nigeria’s founding fathers.
He stressed the need for Muslims to continue to imbibe lessons of the Eid-el-Kabir by holding on to faith in the God.
He expressed gratitude to the people of the state for being supportive of the administration so far, promising not to disappoint them.
“First of all, we must thank Almighty Allah that makes it possible for us to be here to celebrate this year’s Eid-el-Kabir.
“Last year, I was still in the process of contesting the election, but today, I thank God that I am here as the governor of this state. I thank the people of this state for their unflinching support and prayers as I wish them happy celebrations.
“My message to our people is that, they should always continue to imbibe lessons of the celebration, and they should have absolute faith in the Almighty God because once one has faith, he or she can surmount any problem in life. Osun is known for peace, and I want the peace to continue to reign in the state.
“My advice to the youths is that, they should have the fear of God  in their minds, those that are in school should face their studies, while those learning one vocation or the other are urged to remain committed and steadfast in their chosen fields.
“The time is now for our youths to see their future as being important than their present, I implore them to face whatever they do and do it very well to excel in life. I want our youths to shun things capable of undermining their future. They must do away with things that can lure them to destruction.
“Our youths should abstain from the syndrome of ‘getting-rich-quick’, they should rather pursue virtues that can make them become worthy leaders and good ambassadors of their family, state and nation at large.
“I want them to take their education seriously, education is the only legacy that can take one to one’s desired place in life, if I didn’t face my studies, I might not be in this position today, and so, I urge them to take their future seriously.
“Don’t look for opportunities to make illegitimate money, Yahoo Yahoo doesn’t pay and ultimately when one is caught, that is the end of it. We can still get to where we want to be if we have the fear of God and pursue our ambition legitimately.
“I want us to maintain peace, I want us to maintain the atmosphere of peace, unity and stability that our state is known for over the years”, the Governor said.
On his part, the Chief Imam of Osogbo, Sheihk Musa Animasaun, urged Muslim Faithful to work with the fear of God and shun things capable of leading them to destruction.
He admonished Muslim Ummah to imbibe the virtues of forgiveness, fairness and justice and that they should let the virtues reflect in their conducts.
Sheihk Animasaun who described worldly things as ephemeral, further said, people should begin to live as if they will die the next minute.

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