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Ekiti: APC Action Group Condemns Ethnic Clash, Arson


By Demola Atobaba, Ado-Ekiti

Action Group of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State has condemned in clear terms the ethnic clash, which erupted between the Hausa/Fulani community and their host in Ado-Ekiti, describing it as an unprecedented evil.

The group also said it was pained by the torching of the popular Oja Oba market in Ado-Ekiti, despite the declaration of a 6 pm to 6 am dust-to-dawn curfew in the town, saying it would further bestow an untold hardship on the already impoverished  people.

In a release signed by its spokesperson, Segun Dipe, APC Action Group said no well-meaning Ekiti son or daughter could ignore the spate of atrocities being committed by Governor Ayodele Fayose in the state and that his duplicitous attitude negates the oath he swore to govern the people without division or diversion.

Dipe said the Hausa/Fulani, Igbo, Egbira and other ethnic groups had been living harmoniously with the indigenes in Ekiti from the time immemorial without history of any ethnic conflict, only for such a politically-motivated crisis to rear its ugly head at this time, despite the assurance of adequate security by the governor.

“Ekiti is not known for ethnic conflicts. We are a good host to all ethnic groups. This new trend of conflict resulting to maiming, looting and arson is thus not only unfortunate but condemnable.

“If it is true that the crisis resulted from a vindictive act of the governor and his party, then we should ask what form of legacy he is building for the state and the people therein.”

Governor Fayose had declared a dusk-to-dawn curfew in Ado-Ekiti only for the burning of the town’s central market to take place in the night when no one was expected to be in the market because of the curfew.

“If Governor Fayose was serious with the pronouncement of  curfew and not just a tongue-in-the-cheek one, then one would have expected him to have properly secured the market as well as other sensitive places around the crisis area.

“Fayose cannot deny his knowledge of and involvement in this ethnic crisis and the attendant arson like other unprecedented acts of brigandage happening right under his nose such as the jail break, robbery and kidnapping to mention just a few and we as a group will continue to put them at his doorstep.”

APC-AG thus called on the security agencies not to relent in their efforts and not to look far at getting to the root of the ethnic conflict and the arson just as they owe the people adequate protection over their lives and property.


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