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EL-Rufai Reckless Outbust On Lagos Politics

The provocative pronouncement of Mallam Nasir El-Rufai some few days to the recently concluded
general elections that the ‘non-complaint’ foreign observers would be sent back to their countries in
body-bags, drew global condemnation unto Nigeria, so much that the nation was almost on the brink of
war, with the international community, but for the intervention of the elders of the party, Nigerian top
diplomats and government media team that quickly rallied, to do a damage control. It’s the same El-Rufai
who has constructed so wide a gulf, in relationship between Kaduna South & North, with his continuous
uncouth and unguarded ethnic bias declarations; a tragic development that has set the two blocs on war
path till date, with the resultant effect in massive destruction of lives and properties in the state. For the
avoidance of doubt, the APC loss of some states in the north, as well as the slim victories recorded in
some of the traditional strongholds of the party, across the nation during the general elections was
seemingly a pay-back by dissatisfied citizens, on account of persistent arrogant posture and offensive
public pronouncements by personality like El-Rufai and his ilk.
Presently, social media is awashed with rumor that the same governor is desperately plotting to assume
the office of Chief of Staff (CoS) in the presidency, a platform he intends to deploy to achieve his long
time ambition of hijacking the machinery of government from President Buhari & his team. The million
dollar question is that; would he abandon the mandate given to the party in Kaduna state in pursuit of
selfish adventure?
Recently, the same El-Rufai was in Lagos in continuation of his misadventure and perhaps, gradual
journey to political extinction. In a public presentation, he announced to his audience how he has
successfully extinct four (4) political godfathers in Kaduna state. He didn’t stop at that; he went further to
recommend a template he opined, would end god fatherism in Lagos state. Besides the fact that, he
chose a wrong place and platform to announce his template, he was also disrespectful and insolent to the
good people of Lagos state. To put the matter succinctly, he was rude, uncouth, un-african and
needlessly pompous to one of the most accomplished and acknowledged Nigerian and Africa state-men,
Asiwaju Bola Tinubu. He bluntly refused to show discretion and appreciates the years of struggles and
relentless efforts, as well as humongous resources deployed by the APC national leader and very few
selfless Nigerians, not only to send military packing, but also to build the party that provided him platform,
to be the governor of Kaduna state. Instructively, he also refused to recognize the national leadership
status of the man of honor & dignity, who he chose to crucify for absolutely no just cause, other than
envy, strife and ego.
For crying aloud, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, besides being one of the builders of the party, is generally
acknowledged as the national leader of the party; a status that has made him an institution and power
bloc within the party. It’s inconsequential whether the likes of El-Rufai appreciate this or not. In Nigeria
contemporary politics, Asiwaju remains one eminent and incredible politician, who has provided platform
for lesser mortals, aspiring politicians, including El-Rufai and co, to flourish and blossom. He selflessly
does this across the nation regardless of ethnic affiliation, sex, age, religious bias. One then wonders; on
which grounds does attacks on his person justified from El-Rufai, who ordinarily should know better as a
top party man, being a governor of one of the APC controlled states? Could Mallam El-Rufai even in his
height of exuberance and ego-trip seized public podium in the north and start embarrassing and
disrespecting any northern elders? Beyond Tinubu status as a national symbol, he remains the ICON
and beacon of hope for the Yorubas and we are enormously proud of his accomplishments. El- Rufai and
other people in his category should be mindful of the fact that, any further attack on Jagaban is attack on
Yoruba race across the globe and we won’t blink our eyes to respond in equal measure.
Also, on which ground does Kaduna state governor desires the end of prosperity that has been the
hallmark of Lagos since Asiwaju burst into the stage? On which basis does he wants the termination of
growth & development that has enveloped the state of Excellence since 1999 that Jagaban has got involved in Lagos politics?
For the record Lagos is the 5th largest economy in the entire Africa. On account of idea generation,
creativity and shrewdness, the state records average of N40-45billion IGR on monthly basis, the
resources that are being deployed prudently on infrastructures and other developmental projects. The
state is home to the best of Nigerian professionals-Accountants, Engineers, Lawyers, Architects, Medical
Doctors, Journalists, Pharmacists, Actors & Actresses, as well as accomplished consultants in diverse
fields. Due to innovation, ingenuity and conducive business environment occasioned as a result of
security policies, Lagos has metamorphosed into conglomerate of about 5-6 cities jammed into one
mega city. It’s reported that about 145,000 persons migrate to Lagos on daily basis. Reports also have it
that, about 300 headquarters of corporate companies are located in Lagos. Despite the relocation of seat
of government to Abuja more than 3 decades ago, Lagos continues to grow in leaps & bounds. Virtually,
all foreign missions have made Lagos their homes. All commercial banks head-offices are in the city of
Lagos. Most of the critical activities of CBN are being executed in Lagos. The nation most valued port is in
The trajectory of growth & development of the city over years, as highlighted above is an indication that
Mallam El-Rufai vituperation and unwarranted attacks on Tinubu is misdirected, ill-advised, rude, in-
decent and it’s totally borne out of his misinformed position, envy, ego, hatred. He would do well to
concentrate on how to restore back the fortunes of Kaduna south, which has been ravaged and destroyed
on account of war ignited by his utterances. He is also advised to henceforth, operates within his jurisdiction of Kaduna State and makes spirited efforts to mend fences with many men of honour and goodwillin the state , who he has chosen to alienate from governance with his draconian and ‘only me matter system of governance. We won’t request from him, any apology for our idol-Asiwaju Tinubu, for it’s absolutely not necessary.





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