Elejio Preach Peace in Ogunwede Community

By Kolawole Olayinka, Abeokuta

His Royal Majesty, Oba Oluwasesan Ajani Ogunmuyiwa, Elejio of Ejio land in Ewekoro Local Government Area, Ogun State has advised the aggrieved party and individuals in Ogunwede community to shun their individuals differences for peace to reign in the ancient Owu land.

The Elejio stated this during the visit of Ogunwede community development association (CDA) and some community leader at Elejio Palace yesterday.

The monarch explained that now that some certain group head by Mr Kola Ogunede, Dimeji Ogunede and Olajide Soyombo has alleged chief Folajimi Adisa Ajibewe, Baale Ogunwede to be a murders and encroached people’s land, which the CDA see as a pure lies, frame up together to disrepute and defame Baba’s character among his aged group.

He said, its high time for Ogunwede community to united and walk in one spirit because when things like this happened its only God that can solve it, not man and neither traditional rulers.


He urged them to be patients and allowed peace to reign in Ogunwede community and its environs.

He said you can notify your lawyer but please advised him not to take any legal actions until he try all possible best to end the internal crisis rocking in Ogunwede community
While advised the CDA chairman and his exco to have a meeting with Kayode Adejumo, presenter of Ladugbomi on Faaji FM about the issues and to know how he got the information and how authentic its.

According to Pastor Fadahunsi Kehinde Samuel Minister in charge of Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Ogunwede and head of all CDA in Ogunwede community. He said after listen to a radio programs on Saturday by Mr Kayode Adejumo, presenter of LADUGBOMi on Faaji FM that Chief Folajimi Adisa Ajibewe Baale of Ogunwede is a murder and other bad attitude.

Also Sunday evening the whole community gathered to deliberate over the radio programs and they concluded that once Oba Oluwasesan Ogunmuyiwa is aware of the matters, they should give him courtesy visit.

He said for the past four days now the whole community could not sleep and they have been doing night watched so that any bad evils will not be planted in our backyard.

He also added that the genesis of the crisis is between the Baale and some indigene, land encroachment and supremacy of power.

The following Community Development Association in attendance are Oko Oyinbo CDA, Ola Ife CDA, Idiroko CDA,  Ajala CDA, Ire Akari CDA, Araromi, Olabode CDA and Ake Elemu CDA.



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