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Eleven APC Lawmakers Set to Decamp to the PDP


By Samuel Ogundipe

About eleven serving lawmakers on the platform of the All Progressives Congress are set to dump the party for the Peoples Democratic Party, as political horse-trading intensifies ahead of the 2015 general elections, WESTERN POST authoritatively gathered on Wednesday.

The lawmakers, who’re all from APC strongholds in the northern part of the country, have agreed to openly declare their allegiance to the ruling PDP as well as the administration of Goodluck Jonathan.

At a high-profile meeting held this morning at a secret location in Abuja, the lawmakers expressed high disappointment in the candidature of General Muhammadu Buhari.

The meeting was chaired by Senator Nimi Barigha-Amange from President Jonathan’s home state of Bayelsa. Senator Barigha-Amange was also very instrumental to the facilitation of the APC lawmakers decision to cross carpet.

“I can categorically confirm that about 11 APC lawmakers are set to dump their party for the Peoples Democratic Party in the next 2-3 days,” Senator Barigha-Amange, who’s also the Director of Planning, Research and Strategy for Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign, told the Western Post.

The news of many APC lawmakers joining the PDP has permeated the political grapevine for almost 3 weeks. Last week, a House of Representatives member from the APC decamped to the PDP in Kano State.

Another source also confirmed to The Post that, “Senator Barigha-Amange has been holding a series of meetings with the APC lawmakers and I can tell you that the lawmakers have made it clear to us that they’re coming to the PDP.”

But the APC National Publicity Secretary, Lai Mohammed, declined to entertain any notion of APC lawmakers leaving the party in the coming days, adding that the PDP is only a mockery of itself.

“There’s no way our lawmakers will dump our party right now, the PDP is just making a mockery of itself in a desperate attempt to show that they’re still relevant,” he said.

“They should tell us the lawmakers that are crossing and from which state then we can take them serious. Other than that, the APC is as strong and unshakable as ever.”

If successful, the decision of the lawmakers will give a significant boost to President Jonathan’s reelection efforts as it’s likely to guarantee him the prerequisite 25% minimum votes share in northern states.

Analysts predict the 2015 elections will be the closest in the nation’s presidential elections history.


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