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Empower Buhari to Declare State of Emergency on Security – Lagos Lawmaker Tells NASS


By Okunade Adekunle, Lagos

Following the spate of killing and kidnapping in Nigeria, several personalities including politicians across board have lend their voices on the state of security in the country, part of them is the lawmaker representing Alimosho 1 in the Lagos State House of Assembly, Hon. Bisi Yusuff, who implored the National Assembly to empower President Muhammadu Buhari to declare a state of emergency on security.

Yusuff who made the appeal in an interview with select journalists in his office at the Assembly Complex, Alausa, Ikeja, stated that security was a fundamental issue that should not be taken with levity.

The lawmaker stressed that security goes beyond politicking, adding that it should be an issue that should be tackled seriously.

Yusuff further appealed to the National Assembly to give the President the power of emergency to tackle insecurity.

Hon. Bisi Yusuff

He advised the President to appoint experts that know how to tackle the issue of insecurity.

“The President should ensure that whoever is behind insecurity must be dealt with without any special treatment. Beyond that, what I have seen is that people have introduced politics into it. We should look beyond herdsmen and Boko Haram”, said Yusuff

“At Ife-Ibadan Road and other places where Yorubas are predominant, how will you say Fulanis are coming from Sokoto to terrorise them there.
“There are certain people that are being sponsored and disguise as Fulanis. “Whenever people are arrested you would see that they have no trademark of Fulanis.
“When they are apprehended them, you would see that they are not Fulanis. So, State Police, and local government police are very important.
“Vigilante groups should be empowered and monitored to tackle insecurity. “When there is no security, then the government is not in existence and there can never be any peace or progress” he said.

Yusuff said further that there were some things that the President needs to consult the National Assembly on some issues and that this might be foot dragging.

On the insinuation that President Buhari could not handle the issue of security, he stated that the president is a security man per excellence, who he said had been involved in security all his life.

“We are the ones to tackle the issue of security. It invo!ves you and I. These people are not masquerades, they are not spirits, they come out from some houses.

“The whole people in the country must be involved in this. There is nothing wrong with state police, it would give you an effective monitoring of what is happening.
“We are just making a mountain of a mole hill. Look at the Lagos State Neighborhood Watch that we established, if you know the level of monitoring, surveillance, information gathering and intelligence network they are doing you will marvel”

“You cannot bring somebody from Zamfara State and you think he would operate effectively in Ayobo, so we must introduce state police, it is very important and our security men must be subjected to more trainings,” he said.

The lawmaker disagreed with the notion that state governors would use state police to victimise their opponents, asking why the federal government had not used the federal police to victimise the people in the states.

According to him, the people should not be afraid of a policy that had not been introduced, while stressing that a policy must be introduced first and that when anything is wrong the people could now go back to the drawing board.

On the belief that the youths are vulnerable due to unemployment, the lawmaker stated that education was a pathfinder, which must tell someone what he could do to get to somewhere.

“What are our graduates doing, graduates of agriculture, computer engineers, what are they doing.
“What matters is for the government to create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.
“I am talking from experience, I have never worked for anybody. I was a radical, when I was in school and I came out and I decided not to work in any government establishment.
“I am the Chief Executive Officer of my company whether it is working or not, I am doing it. I take decision on my own and I use my resources to sponsor my children.
“I don’t depend on anybody to survive, I invested a lot on agriculture. God has given us arable land for agriculture, but we only depend on petroleum in Nigeria,” he stated.


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