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ENTERTAINMENTS: *Final Eviction *Nhlanhla Wins a Trip to Nigeria *Teary Sessions during Freeze Task *Idris and Ellah Getting Serious


Final Eviction

As the show draws closer to its end, The Housemates are left wondering who Africa will pick as their winner and why. The hotshots had got about to nominations doing just what IK had told them, ‘to cast aside friendships and focus on eliminating the competition’. with Trezagah automatically nominated after moving during a ‘freeze’ task, the other housemates who found themselves in danger were Tayo with four nominations; Sipe; Sheillah; Idris and Goitse with three each and JJ with two. Macky2 also picked up four nominations, but was luckily immune as the HOH. Macky2 added Ellah to the list – unlucky for the Ugandan as she like M’am Bea and Butterphyl never received a single nomination from the housemates.


Nhlanhla Wins a Trip to Nigeria

The votes are in for the winner of ‘The ChannelO Best Hotshot #TIA track’, which had seen both current and former housemates pairing up to compose songs about countries in Africa. it was South African housemates Nhlanhla and Luclay who delivered the best track, meaning that Nhlanhla wins a trip to the country he sang about – Nigeria – to the value of R40 000.


Teary Sessions during Freeze Task


The freeze task continued with more teary sessions and an upped ante. Biggie challenged the hotshots by attaching value to the freeze task saying ‘An amount would be deducted from the final prize money should housemates move during their freeze task’.   The Cunning  Biggie  further tested the housemates by ushering in their family members upon calling all to freeze.  So far, Nhlanhla’s younger brother was first to come in while he laid frozen on the couch. He later admitted to Biggie that all he wanted to do was hug his sibling silly. M’am Bea was next and her father’s words of encouragement brought her to tears. Sheilah’s cousin made her entrance alongside JJ’s dad.  Butterphly’s mother later came in and treated her daughter to an intimate and honest moment.  It was tough for the hotshots to remain frozen and refrain from embracing their loved ones when they entered the house, but they did, for the sake of the final big bucks,  only breaking into tears at Biggie’s  mention of ‘unfreeze’.


Idris and Ellah Getting Serious

As the end draws near for the Big Brother Africa  ‘Hotshot’ show, Tanzanian hotshot Idris and his feisty Ugandan love Ellah seem to be getting even closer. The relationship which started only recently has surprisingly evolved into something big. Whether these two will continue what they have outside Biggie’s confines is something we shall leave for time to tell. Meanwhile, Sheilah denies having a relationship with Nhlanhla; this we will believe if we didn’t have eyes.


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