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This Evil Called Ibon Oselu


Seems like Ibon Oselu is back on the political stage of Oyo State.

What my people call Ibon Oselu is carefully concocted and unfounded allegations fabricated by political opponents and spread abroad to smear the reputation of the politician, who is the target of the attack.

Ibon Oselu is often deployed when election is very near. Let me remind you of some:

In the build up to the 2011 governorship election in Oyo State, an Ibon Oselu was shot into Ibadan city that parents should swiftly go pick their children in schools as the kids were about to be served a kind noodles by a certain politician perceived to be ‘’evil’’ in nature.

Trust Yoruba people,’ki oju ma ri ibi, gbogbo ara ni oogun e’ ( Yorubas see no evil), without any second thought, fear – stricken parents dashed to their kids’ schools and withdrew their children much to the chagrin of bewildered teachers.

At the end of the day, the whole saga turned out to be another ‘gbosa! gbosa!! gbosa!!!Ibon Oselu.

During the last dispensation in Oyo State, the Alao Akala government procured some set of cars, which were given out to some people (not for free) to be used as taxis. Before one could bat an eyelid, rumours went round the city that people who boarded the taxis were being kidnapped for rituals, trust Ibadan people, they shunned the taxis like a plague. In the end, Ibon Oselu naa ni!

Now, Accord Party members in Oyo State are crying wolf that the purported return of N500 million to the state government coffers by its governorship candidate, Senator Rashidi Ladoja is an Ibon Oselu.

If you ask I would say I don’t know o! Na dem dem be politrickians, they know where they get bullets for their Ibon Oselu and when to pull the trigger.

But seriously speaking, this thing called Ibon Oselu is simply mischief making and is bad. Those who trade in such “articles” are damned souls, they need to have a change of heart!


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