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Ex-Ondo State SSG, Adelola, Moves into Movie World


Former Secretary to the Ondo State Government, Dr Aderotimi Adelola, has plunged into the movie world. He is now engaged in scriptwriting and movie production.
The doctorate degree holder in Organisational Psychology from the University of Ibadan recently produced a new movie entitled, “Kedere: No Hiding Place”.
Before “Kedere: No Hiding Place”, Aderotimi had produced “Orioye”, a testament of his readiness to hobnob with the movie industry.
Kedere: No Hiding Place, an inspirational movie, parades several established actors and actresses in the country and was directed by Adebayo Tijani and Sunday Osibata.
The Psychological Test Administrator, who had worked as a Training Manager with several multinational companies, including the banking industry where he carved niche, said he is looking to break grounds in the movie industry with Kedere.


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