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Exclusive: Trouble Brews in APC



Tinubu’s, Buhari’s Camps in Silent War


By Olaolu Bilau

A supremacy battle of sort is currently raging between the Hausa-Fulani bloc of the All Progressives Congress (APC) personified by the President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, and the Yoruba bloc of the party led by its National leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, WESTERN POST can now reveal.

A source within the APC, who did not want his name mentioned, told WP that, no sooner had the presidential election been won by Buhari than the Northern elements in the party began covert moves to checkmate the overwhelming influence of the former Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) faction in the party led by Tinubu.

The Northern bloc was said to be uncomfortable with Tinubu, who played a prominent role in the merger that led to the formation of the APC and the eventual emergence of Buhari as the party’s presidential flag bearer and winner of the recent presidential election.

WP also learnt that the subtle moves to cut the APC National leader to size was a carefully crafted plot by one of the staunch Buhari loyalists, who was recently elected governor in one of the Northern states.

Our source added that the architects of the plot premised their actions on the perception of Tinubu as a threat and an obstacle to the achievement of the Northern agenda and thus being pro-active to preclude any attempt by the Yoruba elements to have a strong grip at the centre.

Recently, the Convener, Majeobaje Movement, a Yoruba socio-cultural group that supported Buhari in the last election, Chief Akintayo Akin-Deko, spoke of the growing discomfort of the North with Tinubu’s influence.

“Already, we are getting complaints from the Federal level that there is a threat to Yorubalize National politics, “he said. In other words, the conservative Hausa-Fulani Northern bloc of the APC were becoming nervous about allowing the Yoruba led by Tinubu gain upper hand, especially because of their radical approach to issues, which would ultimately not be in the interest of the North.

Analysts have before now predicted a clash of interests between the two dominant camps in the APC, the Buhari-led northern faction, which is historically conservative and believes in maintaining the present order, which is in favour of the North; and the South-west bloc, led by Tinubu, which is progressive-minded.

Some have said Buhari’s eternal silence on the need to restructure the country speaks volumes about his resolve to continue to promote the Northern agenda in running the country as it is presently skewed in favour of the core North.

Observers are already insinuating that Tinubu and other Yoruba APC leaders may have played into the hands of Buhari and Northern ‘hawks’, who had never hidden their desire to have power returned to their hands and were now set to scheme out their South-west allies and ultimately incapacitate them in the scheme of things.

According to them, by helping the North climb back to power, the APC leader may have committed a grave political blunder, going by the subtle moves to whittle down his influence and those of his cronies in the party.


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