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Face Your Mess, Leave Gov. Okowa Alone, Gbagi’s Aide Tells Attorney-General


Media Assistant to former Minister of State for Education, Sylvester Omonigho, has told the Delta State Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Peter Mrakpor, to leave Governor Ifeanyi Okowa out of the mess created by the recent attempt to smear the reputation of Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi following allegations of molestation against the latter.

Omonigho stated this on Sunday in response to a statement earlier issued by the Executive Assistant on Communication to Governor Okowa, Fred Latimor Oghenesivbe.

Gbagi’s aide in a statement released to the media titled: “Why Delta State Attorney-General Should Leave Gov. Okowa Out Of His Mess And Desperate Show of Shame” said: “The attention of the Gbagi Media Office has been drawn to a statement credited to the Executive Assistant to the Governor on Communication, Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe, where-in he strived without success to distance the Delta State Attorney-General, Peter Mrakpor, from the atrocious and failed attempt by him and his lackeys to smear the pristine reputation of Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi for political gains.

“Latimore’s response which clearly vindicates Gbagi on concerns raised that some political appointees are behind the recent molestation allegations, also exposes their complicity and involvement in the failed campaign of calumny, else why the sudden desperation to seek the sympathy of Deltans and to distance themselves from their own hatched plot? I guess the Attorney General and his hirelings must realize by now that their game is up as they are faced with the political repercussions of their uncalculated actions which apparently has backfired.

“What they must however avoid is to drag the Governor, Sen. Okowa into this, but knowing how politically naive and mischievous Mrakpor and his agents are, they must think attempting to strain the brotherly bond between Governor Okowa and Olorogun Kenneth Gbagi would otherwise achieve the results which their blackmail with nude pictures and alleged molestation failed to do. Indeed, their ignorance and foolishness deserve nothing but adulation and commendation.

“Perhaps, for the purpose of setting the records straight, let it be categorically stated that the Governor and Former Minster for Education both share a bond built on deep friendship, trust and mutual respect for each other that transcends the myopic understanding of the slavish Latimore and his paymaster. No matter how hard they both try to embellish their unprofessional statements with unsavoury tales to discredit Gbagi, Governor Okowa knows that the Former Minister will never undermine his authority as the Executive Governor of Delta State.

“Gbagi has overtime built his reputation and that of his business empire on the foundation and principle of honesty and integrity, which no amount of blackmail, no matter how well conceived can erode.

“For the time being, Latimore can continue plying his trade of smearing the reputation of anyone who doesn’t seem to serve his interest. It is what he has become known for in government circle, so it does not come as a surprise that he tried to smear Gbagi, after all, it is on record that he had severally attacked and abused his principal and benefactor, Governor Okowa, and a renowned PDP stalwart in the State, Senator Ighoyota Amori in the past. His case is that of a dog looking for crumbs from the table of just about anyone to fill his hungry stomach. With the help of time, the nuisance value which Latimore Oghenesivbe constitutes from being a political miscreant will see him shredded in the dustbin of history where he rightly belongs.

“Lastly, we appeal to the good people of Delta State to be wary of political blackmailers and not allow themselves to be swayed by the shameful antics of deceptive rumour peddlers. Gbagi remains focused on his gubernatorial ambition, and will by God’s grace and against all odds contest the Governorship election in 2023.”


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