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Fayose Blames Rising Insecurity On South-West Governors’ Crave to be ‘Cabal’s Yes-Men’


Former governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, has said the worsening security situation in the South-west region is as a result of the its governors’ push to be in the good books of those (cabal) in the corridors of power.

He said the region and Nigeria in general has been conquered by kidnappers and criminal herders “because state governors want to be seen as yes-men at the expense of the safety of their people”.

Mr Fayose who is currently facing corruption trial, said the situation will not come to an end “until some leaders, and governors stopped seeing themselves as cabal yes-men.”

Writing via his verified Twitter handle on Thursday, the former governor said he had warned of the current security gloom long ago.

He said it now appears that “Nigeria and its people seemed conquered by the menace.”

“Unless the leaders and governors in the country, rise above being seen as Cabal Yes Men, at the expense of their own people, Nigerians will continue to be defenseless and conquered,” he said.

“I warned against kidnappings and herdsmen menace now bedevilling the S/West and Nigeria long ago.

“We have now become conquered people and we will remain defenceless except our leaders and governors desist from wanting to be seen as ‘Cabal Yes Men’ at the expense of the well-being of the people.”

Mr Fayose sees his prosecution as a persecution by the federal government for his consistent criticism of the president’s policies.

He had vowed that he would continue to speak against the ills of the government in spite of his trial.

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