An Abeokuta Customary Court on Friday dissolved a 15-year-old marriage between Latifatu Amod and her husband Sakiru over frequent fighting and neglect.

The court’s President, Mr Olalekan Akande, in his judgment, held that since all efforts to reconcile the couple had failed, the court had no option than to dissolve the marriage.

Akande ordered that both parties were free to marry anybody of their choice, and that the first three children were grown up to determine who to live with.

He ordered that Latifatu should care for the last child until he was of age, while the husband should pay N2, 500 monthly for the upkeep of the last child.

The president also ordered that the schooling, welfare, health and other matters would be a joint responsibility of both parties.

Latifatu, 32, had urged the court to dissolve the marriage to Amod, 46, because of frequent fighting and neglect.

The mother of four told the court that Amod sent her out of her matrimonial home, adding that “my husband was fond of beating me at the slightest mistake’’.

“He sent me out of our matrimonial home even when I tried getting a house to stay he conspired with my landlord to eject me out of the house.

“I have been patient enough tolerating his troubles. All I need from the court is to dissolve the marriage.

“I also want to beg the court to grant me the custody of the children so that I can take care of them very well,’’ she said.

She also said that the last three children where living with her while the first child lives with the father.

Amod did not oppose the petition, but urged the court to dissolve the marriage because Latifatu was troublesome and wicked to him.

“She does not take care of me, so how does she want me to care for her.

“The children are not living with me so I can’t be responsible for their feeding.

“When she and the children were with me I use to do my duty as the man of the house,’’ Amod said.



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