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Five Exercise That Will Help You Have a Perkier And Bigger Butt



Having a perky and bigger butt makes you feel good about yourself, it makes jeans looks fabulous on you and other ladies envious of your derriere. There are exercise to help you achieve this but you do not only need to have the knowledge but the determination to be able to see this through Why not start today, get the butt of your dreams and show the world what it means to have the asset behind.

Seat squat: To perform the seat squat, sit down with your shoulders rolled back, chest forward and chin up, feet shoulder-width apart. Sit down into the chair – your #butt should just tap the chair – and then slowly rise. Repeat this #exercise for 18 times to get a toned and perky butt!

Regular squat: this one most of you know about, it’s like twerking only difference is your hands are stretched forward, you back straight, put you weight on your heels and buttocks out like you flaunting it. Then you go up and down continuously as long as you can. This exercise is known to tone you inner thighs, hamstrings, outer thighs, butt and calves

Single leg squat: To perform a 1 leg squat, stand to the side of a pole and hold it with your right hand or you can just stretch or fold your arms (whatever works for you) Lift your left leg and hold it out straight for 10 seconds. Keep proper squat forms with your weight on your heel, bending at the hips and lowering your right knee, ensuring that your back in not bending with undue stress and that your right knee is not going extending past your toes.

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Lateral squats: I am not so familiar with this technique but I have made enough research about it and it known as a great exercise, which helps strengthen and tone your butt and hip flexors. Stand with your legs, shoulder width apart, keep a strong back with good posture and your chin up. Step to the side and lower your body down into squatting position. Then raise your #body and repeat with a little walking in the opposite direction as you squat. (Not easy, I know but do it anyways. You are on the journey on achieving a perfect butt

Run up the stairs: this can help tighten the muscles in your butt and help tone down those flappy thighs that wouldn’t let you be confident. Make sure you start with what you can handles, can be two at a time then if you feel you are up for a challenge take three and if you are a super hero go ahead and take five!

Burpees and leg raisers: Oh my Gosh, you ready? These are two exercises combined together. This exercise will guarantee you having a perfectly sculpted butt. First get into a plank position and raise your right leg 45 degrees off the ground. Repeat the same thing with the left leg and get back into the plank position. Then jump with your legs towards your arms and propel up by jumping with #arms overhead. This way you will work out a lot more than just you butt!

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Fire hydrants: okay we know you want to have that perfect derriere but it is important we tone the hips to go along with that perky and bigger butt. This exercise simultaneously targets your gluts and hips and it is very similar to the kickbacks in positioning. Once again you have to get down on all fours and with a bent knee, lift your right leg to the side parallel to the hip. This whole process will closely resemble a dog peeing or you wanting to crawl your way out of a situation.

Don’t forget to twerk: you might not be aware of this but twerking as been knowing to give your butt the right lift it needs, if done properly. When twerking don’t jerk your butt up-down. Be sure to go


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