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Friends Attack Girl For Accepting Man’s Gift


A certain Stephanie Stephy Okoye, who claimed to be a Mass Communications student of the Nigerian-Turkish Nile University, has come under severe attack by her friends on Facebook after she took to her wall to post a photo of an iPhone she claimed a man named Vincent gave her and begged her to date him.

On the post, Okoye claimed that she gladly accepted Vincent’s gift but that she will never accept his proposal because he can’t win her heart with material things.

But some of her friends on Facebook have come for her, with some calling her names. many of them condemned her action as immature and a way of seeking fame while some others think she is just being full of herself.

Read what she wrote:

“A guy just got me this phone which I kindly accepted the little gift but I will never accept your proposal;

You can’t win my heart with material gifts.”

But immediately she posted the write up, her friends came for her with some scathing remarks like:

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Joy Alexander: “U are not even *hot*….dis so disgusting nd cld put one to blindness……….see go aso rock go post am den we ll knw hw expensive u ar….infact wetin concern social media abt ur love life….na 4 ur pocket….who cares!”

Emmanuel Micheal Williams: “Ur a lying crazy ass bitch….continue collecting stuffs from ppl and it will come back to hurt u….ugly.”

Okoye Amara Mary: “Not even the original IPhone 6. Fake things for fake people.

Ogira Isaac: “Whatsoever you sow dat is what you will reap my friend repent from all dis ungodly atitude, remember u lie on ur bed d way u prepared it. God loves u, if you never want to perish, give ur life to Jesus christ now n be save befor u get urselv into trouble, Heaven z real Hell z real.”

Tobi Eddy: “I think its high time you act Matured, this shit u posted here has gone viral, I still can’t imagine putting His name there.”

Fortune Uzoma C: “wat a BIG LIE…..babe u can lie.”

Chinonso Okeke: “As you fin reach u no con get sense…. take ma advised delete this post so that more ppl no go see this BS.”

Do you think she got what she deserves?.



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