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FUTA: Students, VC disagreement continues


futaAs the troubled water in FUTA persist,over the disagreement between the VC and the institution’s union leaders,our correspondent, Temitope Adedeji, engaged Comrade Dele Durojaye, the SSANU chairman of the institution on the lingering crisis.

There is a rumour that the union is in logger head with the university Vice Chancellor, how real is this?

“It is never a rumour but reality. It is caused by the VC over the contravention of the 2009 agreement with the university unions, that is SSANU, NASU and NAT on the funding of university primary schools . Now in FUTA, there was a circular sent by government that the university teachers should not be on the payroll of the university, immediately, the unions at national level went to court and got the Vice president of the country involved and the issue is in court but the problem in FUTA is the vice Chancellor. In December, he said he would disengaged the teachers whereas no portion of the circular says the teachers should be disengaged but he went on to disengaged them acting contrary with what the circular says. Going length and breath of universities in Nigeria, it is only FUTA that disengaged the teachers from service of the university. The other universities pay their teachers from the IGR and non of them was disengaged and that has been the problem.”

Since when has the school been shot dawn?

“The school has been under lock and key since January. Meanwhile, the VC went ahead to recruit new set of teachers, 18 of them, roaming about the campus doing nothing since and they have been collecting salaries through the IGR which we have suggested earlier that he should do, pending the resolution of crisis with the Federal Government, he refused and 18 teachers on ground doing nothing and collecting salaries. No single pupil in the school as we are talking now. We have even advised him to call those teachers so that those pupils can resume in this September, he refused, so the school remains locked till he yields to the plight of bringing back those he purportedly sacked by him. This is the decision of all the unions in the school until those teachers are called back. We have warned all parents not to bring their wards to the school because their security are not guaranteed.”

ls there any efforts now since resumption, in opening back the school?

“As part of out efforts to make the issue be resolved amicably, we wrote to the VC, to please call back the sacked teachers, so as to re opening the school, he took us to Director of State security last week Thursday and Friday, we told them our stand,at the end of the day, the thing fell flat. How will the VC purportedly sack someone in service for 20/25 years just like that? No body would want to take that as a responsible unions.”

Don’t you think the pupils are at the receiving end?

“Well as much as we sympathize with the parents, am a parent in the school, the chairman of NASU is a parent, NAT chairman has kids in the school, even ASUU chairman is a parent, some of our professors are parents, this is a joint cause that must be fought. Peoples rights have been tampered with and collective agreement is equally tampered with, so the school is empty as we talk now since January. No resolution no activities.”

Should the pupils be expecting the resumption day now?

“I want to believe that no responsible parents would keep his wards at home since January till date. No child  in that school as long talk now. The school will have to start from the scratch, no doubt. Also the teachers will still have to be called back, not negotiable.”


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