Galaxy Uniprep Centre… The Gateway to the University


    By Olumide Bajulaiye

    Galaxy Uniprep Centre was established by the Nigerian Turkish International College (NTIC) management to specifically take care of students preparing to go into higher institutions both in and outside Nigeria. Galaxy Uniprep Centre offers a unique service that prepares students for the life ahead. The centre is a kind of sixth forum schools, a co-educational facility that offers foundational courses for students hoping to gain admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria and abroad, and also prepares them for various qualifying examinations like TOEFL, SAT and Cambridge exams.

    According to the Director of the centre, Mr. Ramazan Inch, Galaxy Uniprep Centre is a renowned continuing education centre established to specifically cater and prepare students for national and international examinations. The centre also assists students to gain admission into universities at home and abroad.

    “Continuing your education is surely going to be progressive if the right and conscious impetus are in place. At our centre, we have what it takes with our professional touch. Students who had lessons in our centre for UTME scores between 250 and 280 with over 95 percent pass rate. WAEC students also had distinctions,” he said.

    Inch said Galaxy Uniprep was established in 2007 to provide an alternative for students who do not perform well in their examinations, but are keen on furthering their education in some of the best universities around the world.

    The centre also offers advice and counselling to students on their choice of courses and universities and has been accredited as a SAT and TOEFL examination centre in Abuja. “Galaxy Uniprep’s business model is focused on service first, rather than profit. It wasn’t established principally for profit making, rather it is more of service to the community and mankind but we charge a token to keep the centre running”.

    The programmes offered by the centre includes University Foundation Programme (UFP), a full-time course, lasting one academic year, which offers students an alternative qualification for entry to UK university degree courses. Inch added: “Having your UFP in Abuja is a guaranteed fast track path to study in the UK. Opportunity to study in the best UK University is just a matter of your choice”.

    SAT, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT all these exams are registered and lessons offered at Galaxy. Students who have passed through the centre are spread across the globe, and are performing excellently.

    “We have foundation programme for students who want to study in Turkey, UK, US, or in Canada. We have exams for TOEFL. TOEFL is an exam to prove your level of English when you want to study abroad. We have special programme for UK. If you want to study in UK there are two ways: when a Nigerian student finishes school, he or she cannot get admission into UK university directly. They can only gain admission through a foundation programme or LEO programmes.

    “We have agreements with some institutions that run such exams in UK, and we conduct such exams here in Nigeria. The programme runs for 9 months- January to August Semester and September Semester.

    Language Programmes: English, French, Turkish and Arabic

    “Learning for a second language in a fast tracked module is a thing of pride to Galaxy Uniprep. Diplomats, their family members and other individuals who have passed through the centre can attest to this,” says Inch.

    At this time of technological advancement, Computer training is highly essential if not more than necessary. The course is available for both working and post high school students.

    Medicine, Engineering and Management Foundation Programme: The programme is designed for students to gain fast tracked admission into Turkish Universities. It is a 9-month foundation course. The courses include Medicine, Engineering and Management foundation programme. In the programme, students will undergo rigorous academic pursuit and sit for the following international exams. YOS (Turkish Government Foreign Students Test)

    Universities Entrance Exams for Foreign Students: The exam is usually the first considered exam for foreign candidates. With a good score by any student, he/she stands a better chance of gaining admission into and accepted by more than 60 universities. This exam, according to Inch, is to be taken in Abuja.

    SAT (Scholarship Aptitude Test):  Scholarship Aptitude Test is an internationally acknowledged examination and has wide acceptance. With SAT, students can gain admission worldwide in any university as a supporting or main academic qualification document.

    IELTS (International English Language Test Services): For students to gain admission into Turkish Universities that give instruction in English, the IELTS is a prerequisite. With a high score in IELTS, universities will be rest assured that such students can take adequate academic instruction in English Language. The exam is organized by the British Council here in Abuja.

    JAMB-UTME: The Joint Admission Matriculation Board-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations organized in Nigeria is now also part of the official academic record accepted by some universities in Turkey. This is due to the international standard the exam has attained and much publicity given to it by the Nigerian Turkish Educational stakeholders here in Nigeria.  Foundation students would also be coached for the UTME.

    TOMER (Turkish Language Exam for Non-native Turkish Speakers): Learning the language would make living in Turkey more comfortable. For students who will gain admission into a Turkish Universities, the language programme is a pre-requisite.”Our programme also includes the training to write the Turkish Language Qualification Test for non-native Turkish speakers. With a good score in this exam, the student stands a very high chance of getting a public university and there would be no need for another six months or one year language course in the university.” Inch said.

    “Our main objective is to get students admitted into government-owned universities where tuition fees are highly subsidized and one of the lowest in Europe or worldwide between $1,500 and $3,000 for Engineering and Management courses in English instructing Universities.  But where it is a Turkish instructing public universities, the fees are quite lower. For admission into medicine course in public universities, fees are around $4000 for Turkısh speaking universities and around $6000 for Englısh medical schools respectively,” he added .

    Where public university is not possible, admission into top Turkish private universities is guaranteed. Here, the fees are a bit higher for Management and Engineering courses, around $5000-$15000 and for Medicine, around $15000-$25000. For Health related courses such as Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursıng, etc. their fees are much cheaper. For students unable to meet the medical colleges’ qualifications, other courses will be pursued in both government and private universities.

    Advantages of University Foundation Programme

    UFP offers course right in Abuja, as the tuition fee cost less when compared to London. The centre offers same curriculum and standard as in UK and same certificate as in London.

    “At Galaxy Uniprep, you are not tied to a particular university’s UFP with only one option. Rather, you have lots of UK universities to pick from.

    Inch explained that by the time a student gains admission into UK university, he would be more mature before moving to the UK. On successful completion, students’ admission letters are received and sent to them.


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