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Gani Adams: No ‘Amount’ of Buhari Can Change the Country


From Kolawole Olayinka, Abeokuta.

The National Leader of Oodua Peoples’ Congress, Otunba Gani Adams has said General Muhammadu Buhari , the All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, cannot change the country, saying “no amount of Buhari can change the country”.

He stated this at the weekend in Abeokuta while fielding questions from journalists at the 2015 Lisabi Festival in the ancient town.

Gani Adams, who is also the Promoter of Olokun Foundation, described Olumo Festival as a day of celebration of one of the most popular rocks in the country, “a very respected and adored rock that the Egbas sought refuge in during the inter-tribal war in the 18th Century”.

He said the people had gathered for Lisabi Festival to demonstrate the significance of the rock.

APC, Buhari and the party’s leaders have been clamouring for change as they criss-crossed the country. Change is the campaign slogan of the party.

But Gani Adams said: “I don’t believe in individual change, our system is over rotten. When we’re looking for change, it’s about constitution and institution. No amount of Buhari can change the system”.

He explained that until the constitution and the structure of the country are changed, no president can perform any miracle to change things.

He said President Jonathan has tried his best to change things, but added, however, that he has his own short comings in the handling of security in the country.

Speaking about the abducted Chibok schoolgirls, he said: “I believe those girls are not in Nigeria, the government should search beyond the country, they should search  Niger and Chad Republic for the girls”.

On the significance of Lisabi Festival, he said Olumo rock was a place of refuge for the Egba people during wars.

He explained that the name Olumo Rock derived from two Yoruba words- “Olu” (GOD) and “Mo” (moulded) meaning “Oluwa ti mo,” which literally translates in English-  God has put an end to our wandering and suffering with the rock.

“I will not be inferior to any colour in the whole world, I’m a black man and I’m really grateful being a black man and I accept my tradition”.

“We must not wait for the government to promote our culture, we must first make move and when it’s becoming popular, government will rally round and support. Tradition is not rituals, if you read the Bible, you will see that it started from the Old Testament”.


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