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Gani Adams was an Ordinary Carpenter When We Made Him OPC Leader, Says Comrade Akinpelu


The Coordinator of the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) in Oyo State, Comrade Adesina Akinpelu, is really embattled. He is at present entangled in a battle with the National Leader of the group, Otunba Gani Adams. To him, OPC has had enough of Gani Adams since 1999 and it is high time he quit the group or be forced out over series of allegations leveled against him. He and other members of his faction will stop at nothing to get him removed. But Gani Adams claims Akinpelu and ilk have been expelled from OPC. In this interview with WESTERN POST’s ADEOLA OLADELE, Akinpelu highlights some of the alleged sins of Gani Adams for which he says he must leave the stage…

Can you tell us what led to the conflict between you and Chief Gani Adams?

Point of correction, not me, the conflict is between OPC and Gani Adams. We appointed him in 1999 to lead the group, but Gani Adams just personalised OPC. OPC is a group for the emancipation of Yoruba people. When OPC fully came into existence in 1999, its former leader, Dr (Fredick) Fasehun was alleged to have received a bribe from the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, without the notification of the members, so we invited him to the meeting of coordinating council for questioning to which he was not able to provide suitable answers. Hence, he was asked to resign and he refused, saying he owns the organization, but the stakeholders went ahead to appoint Gani Adams as the national coordinator for the group on 1st of March, 1999 after the G29 had consulted the oracle, to  confirm him as leader of the group. He was an ordinary carpenter then. We gave Gani Adams the support he needed to become the powerful man he is today, and now he has forgotten everything, so that is the genesis of the problem between the OPC and Gani Adams. He betrayed Yoruba people and the organization.

But Chief Gani Adams said you have been expelled from the group. How true is this?

For your information, nobody was expelled from the OPC. None of us filled any form to join the group. We only took an oath, which he has broken, and by so doing has betrayed the Yoruba nation.

Chief Gani Adams said the conflict in the group was political.

This is not political; his predecessor, Chief Fasehun, did the same thing and we removed him, so now we expect him to quit as well. Chief Adams did the same to Chief Bola Tinubu, who rescued him from the problems he had in 1999 and gave him the necessary political back-up, and now he is saying bad things about Tinubu. Gani is simply an ingrate and a bastard to the Yoruba nation.

With the power Chief Gani Adams weilds in OPC, do you think you have what it takes to expel him from the group?

There are procedures we would have to follow before he can be removed. First is the consultation of leaders, then the intelligence battle comes in, which is followed by a rally, which we jumped during the time of Dr Fasehun. In the course of removing Fasehun, we jumped from intelligence battle to arm struggle, which is affecting OPC till today. So, very soon Gani Adams is either going to run away or resign.

Gani Adams’faction says you are a lone ranger in the purported struggle you claim to be fighting. Who are the other members behind you?

You can ask other members in Lagos. We have held up to three international meetings. We are many but we will tell him we are the real leaders. They have attempted my life three times in Ibadan. They wanted to eliminate me through the spiritual realm for four good times. So, we cannot show him all the powers we have but he will soon know I am not alone in this struggle.

Sometime in April, Gani sent some people to attack me at Bodija, but I was able to escape. After that, he attacked me at Mokola Junction, but I also escaped, after which he attacked me spiritually, but God rescued me. On the 17th of this month, he sent some hired assassins, led by Rotimi Olumo, Adeola Adeagbo, and close to 50 men who were fully armed to attack me, but I was able to escape and I reported the matter to the police.

How true is the rumor that Gani Adams is from Nupeland?

It is a very long story. Gani Adams is a half-bred Yoruba man. His mother was from Arigidi-Akoko, but his father was only a friend of the late Oba of Arigidi-Akoko, Olanipekun. Gani Adams cannot point at any house that belongs to his family in Arigidi-Akoko. He is not a native of Arigidi-Akoko, that’s why he plans to destroy the town for his selfish interest. Gani Adams is not a pure Yoruba man, he is from Nupe, and he is an agent of the devil, just like Pharaoh, who is going to perish soon.

You claimed Gani Adams is working against the OPC, how do you substantiate this?

He is working against the OPC. Gani Adams is only using the group to serve his own purpose and interest contrary to the oath he took. He is using the group to enrich his pocket, and doesn’t have the interest of the Yoruba people as well as the OPC members at heart. Most of our members are now security guards, “agbero,” “omo onile” and NURTW members, and they cannot even afford to take care of their family. Gani has enslaved most of the group members. Gani must go.

Are you ready to face Gani Adams in a debate over this?

If he comes for an open debate tomorrow, he is welcomed.

How about the allegation of N1.6 billion mobilization fee that is causing ripples among OPC members? Gani Adams, through Adeagbo, denied receiving any money. How can you substantiate this?

Don’t worry; very soon you will see my petition to the EFCC against Gani Adams and former President Goodluck Jonathan.  The former president called Gani Adams to distribute some money for poverty alleviation for members of OPC. This is different from pipeline contract money. The money was meant for poverty alleviation. Gani Adams told our members to collect forms promising to give them loans ranging from N100 to N200,000. Immediately he introduced the idea, they agreed because they did not want their people to be poor having sacrificed their lives for the emancipation of the Yoruba nation. When we needed financial assistance, none of the then governors in the South-west was ready to help us. It was only Tinubu, Chief Bisi Akande and Pa (Adebayo) Adefarati that came to our aid. It was Adams that turned us against Tinubu.

Where was the meeting held?

It was held at Marina in Lagos. The money was collected in March 2015. It was the day that Oke Ibadan festival was held. He collected the money in the morning and then invited the members in the evening, claiming that the former president wanted to meet them. When the meeting was held in the evening, he gave them about N21 million. The other money, which was contained in “Ghana Must Go”bag was given to him in the morning. I have my intelligence report from Marina. I am an ex-military man. I have my colleagues around him. This man is a liar.

Do you think OPC still enjoys the same support it used to enjoy in the past?

That is why we are rising against him. We don’t want him to destroy the organization further. We are saying that if you want to go into politics, then count yourself out of OPC. After then, you can be holding all sorts of events for your political interest. Adams collected money from some governors in the South-west, both from the ruling government and opposition and went away with the money.

You are calling for his removal bearing in mind that you people made him the permanent national coordinator of the congress. How do you think that his removal will be effected so easily?

He is not a permanent national coordinator. There is a clause in our constitution and it is that when you betray our struggle, you would be removed and there was an oath that we took that none of us should sell out our ideas for negative reasons and he has violated this. What is most honourable for him is to resign. We don’t have anything against him.

Are you ready for an amicable settlement with Gani Adams?

If Adams is ready. What we want from him is to step aside, and then we can look for a way to settle the conflict.


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