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Gboleru Ruling House Picks Prince Adesegun Gboleru As Next Akirun Of Ikirun


Prince Tajudeen Adesegun Gboleru, from the Gboleru Ruling House has been picked as the new Akirun of Ikirun in Osun State.

If the nomination is approved by the state government, Prince Gboleru will succeed Oba Rauf Olayiwola Adedeji, who joined his ancestors few months ago.

The head of the royal family, Prince Gboyega Olatunji, at a press conference in Osogbo, said it was the turn of the Gboleru Ruling House to produce the new Akirun, adding that the entire family had agreed on the nomination of Prince Adesegun Gboleru.

He urged the state government to commence the process of the appointment and installation of the new Oba without delay.

Olatunji said the choice of Prince Adesegun Gboleru as the next Akirun was a popular one, adding that he is eminently qualified for the stool.

He said: “The Gboleru Ruling House, which unarguably is the next in line to produce the next king is blessed with many competent professionals of pedigree, who are well exposed both locally and internationally to bring development to the town and we have unanimously picked and nominate one of us, Prince Tajudeen Adesegun Gboleru, as next Akirun of Ikirun.”

He noted that there are three ruling houses as recognized by the Ikirun District Chieftaincy Declaration and Gazette of 1959, approved in 1960 and re-registered in 1970 and the gazette of 1980 signed by then Governor Bola Ige of old Oyo State.

“We the Gboleru Ruling House wish to state unequivocally that Ikirun has always been known as a peaceful ancient town that has transited from one king to the other in the last 100 years without crisis.

“Over the years, the peaceful coexistence among our people has greatly contributed to the more peaceful environment that now prevails.

“To maintain this good attributes, we met and agreed unanimously to present our candidate, Prince Tajudeen Adesegun Gboleru as the next Akirun of Ikirun.

“For reference sake, Oba Lawal Adeyemi Oyejola, from the Obaara family ruled between 1945 and 1989, after which late Oba Olayiwola Adedeji 11, ruled between 1991 and 2021.

“It is therefore crystal clear that gboleru ruling family is the next in line to produce the next Akirun of Ikirin,” he said.


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