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7 Differences In Gender That Is Not Sex



During introspection, a group of students were shown different words and asked to write down what comes to their mind first. When asked what they wrote down for sex, the most reply was “Everybody does it” but a unique reply came through; GENDER.

When it comes to gender, what are the features that mark the difference?

  1. Women hear better than men. Their ears can pick a very low frequency as low as 20Hz, though it gradually declines as one grows old.
  2. Men are better judges than women are as they are not sentimental. Women are emotional beings and attach feelings or emotions to everything they do.
  3. Women are better at locating specific items as they have better memory and that’s why they are the home makers.
  4. Women are good worriers than men are and this give them the ability to foresee a problems and plan how to handle them.
  5. Men handle lack of sleep better than women. As much as this might be a bad news because the brain needs sleep to repair, it seems like extra work time.
  6. Women are better at multitasking. Women stay in charge of a lot in the home and still deal with a lot of thoughts.
  7. Women usually live longer than men. Asides the many diseases that plague men and women are at advantage of, being a carrier, women don’t have wives to take care of.

Nature as it is, made room for varieties, making exclusion for every of the differences stated above.


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