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Get Ready For Persecution, Jonathan Tells His Ministers


President Goodluck Jonathan has said he expects himself, his ministers and aides to be persecuted after he leaves office on May 29, 2015.

Jonathan made the declaration on Sunday at a thanksgiving service organized in his honour at the Church of Advent, Anglican Church, Life Camp, Abuja.

He said he believes he lost some of his political allies because of “certain decisions,” he took as regards the just-concluded election.

get Ready For Persecution, Jonathan Says to His Ministers

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He said:

“It (the decisions) might be good for the generality of the people but it might affect some people differently, So for ministers and aides who served with me, I sympathize with them, they will be persecuted. And they must be ready for that persecution.”

“To my ministers, I wish you what I wish myself, They will have hard times, we will all have hard times. Our ways will be rough”.

“Some hard decisions have their own cost, no doubt about that, That I have ran the government this way that stabilized certain things, the electoral process and other things that brought stability into this country. They were very costly decisions which I myself must be ready to pay for.

“Some people come to me and say this or that person, is he not your friend that benefited. Is it not your government that this person benefited from? But this is what the person is saying?

“But I used to say worse statements will come. If you take certain decisions, you should know that those close to you will even abandon you at some point. And I tell them that more of my so-called friends will disappear.”

Jonathan said his decision to concede defeat did not go down well with some of his ministers and associates, he  noted that the most important thing is that “the ordinary people appreciate what we did.”

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On Saturday, while meeting with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) committee set up to assess the party’s loss in the recently-concluded elections, Jonathan said he was going to direct all his efforts to return the PDP to winning ways by 2019.


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