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10 Tips To Pleasing Your Girlfriend



You sometimes find a guy having about 2 girlfriends, 3 side chicks, 4 asking out and countless other wannabes and you start to wonder what magnet the guy is using on them all. It is so bad that each of those girls know that there are other girls and yet they swoon around him.

It’s very simple; the guy didn’t only master the bro code but also knows all the little things ignored by men that a woman wants.

While your girlfriend might seem complex, here are few tips to pleasing her and being the best she’ll ever have:

Treat her with respect; let your actions show that you respect her opinion, interest, career and friends. Don’t take her weakness or gender for granted, treat her just the way you want her to treat you.

Heat things up with her romantically; we all get tired of routines after all. Get out of your comfort zone once a while and be spontaneous. Make out in the car, send her cake without an event, show up just for small talks at her work place, take her to the spa after work… on and on goes the list, just make it outside the normal routine.

Spare your time for her; this says love more often. We know about all the tales of making money and how time consuming it can be but giving her that attention of your time says a lot. It makes her feel special as she knows no other person would get such attention from you.

Listen more and pay attention to details! There are times when she just needs you to listen to her and laugh or hug her and say things will be fine and the best part of it all is you don’t have to understand what it is she is ranting about. She might even be saying things she wants you to do by saying it happened to her friend, just listen!

Talk to her; knowing she is the first person you want to talk to anytime makes her feel special. Asides the fact that it makes her feel she is your priority, it tells her you trust her intelligence. Every girl wants to be her man’s best friend.

Talk about the sex. Girls are good at faking orgasm just so you won’t feel bad and as a guy, you’ll never know the difference. Engage your girlfriend in intimate talks about what she wants and how she wants to be pleased. The foreplay is a good timing at it.

Cook a dinner; you may not be good at it, you might season it a bit too much, you might forget one of the recipes, anything you can jumble up, the time would be appreciated. Its quite fascinating watching guys pace around the kitchen.

She doesn’t need a joker; but she can make use of the one that would make her laugh and make her smile like an idiot when you not there. Life is already too serious to add a serious partner to it.

Be challenging; she wants you to challenge her to success as much as you want the same. You must be a motivation to her. You don’t have to boss her around but giving her the knowledge that you don’t condone laziness keeps her on her toes and makes her love you more.

Don’t lose the connection; there were things you were doing while you were asking her out which make her like you and eventually made her agree to be your girlfriend… now whatever that is, don’t relax because you have her now. Don’t lose that connection!


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