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Who is Giving AIG Mbu Bad Press?


It’s hard for me to pick holes in the recent statement credited to controversial, top police officer in charge of Zone 2, Assistant Inspector – General of Police (AIG) Joseph Mbu that his constable would stop in other words, arrest any governor, who comes to campaign at the polling booth on election day.

I need help to figure out what the problem is in what the AIG has said because I can’t see what is wrong in this.

Since he was posted to the zone, many have insinuated that Mr. Mbu was deployed to the South-west to hatch a ‘hidden plan’, going by what transpired between him and Governor Amaechi when he was Commissioner of Police in Rivers State.

And some people are already reminding the AIG that South-west is not the same as South-south.

Come to think of it, to me, Mbu’s recent statement was timely and okay though, some others think it is more like he has an axe to grind with governors. But should a governor go to campaign at the polling booth on Election Day?

The AIG has accused the press of making him unpopular. “I was not popular in Rivers State… you people (media) made me unpopular. You were not hearing my side of the story because the other side (Amaechi) was richer, so you were not hearing my story,” Mbu said.

Truth be told, Mbu did not generate any controversy when he was Police Commissioner in Oyo or Ekiti State, so why Rivers?

Anyway, whether Mr. Mbu is here to do a dirty job or not, let the voters be vigilant and protect their votes in the forthcoming election. The police officer should also do his job judiciously.


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