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GM To Revive Hummer As Electric SUV Division



The Hummer brand may return as ongoing discussions within GM are centered on reviving the SUV division as an all-electric brand, according to a Monday report from Bloomberg,

GM dropped the division in 2010 along with three other brands: Saturn, Pontiac, and Saab. Per unnamed sources close to discussions, GM has quietly watched off-road SUVs become incredibly popular in recent years. Namely, Jeep and the Wrangler have caught GM’s eye. Discussions have taken place to determine whether Hummer could steal a slice of this market.

Making a reborn Hummer or Hummers all-electric vehicles would fight back against the image the vehicles built the first time around as gas-guzzlers that only contributed to global warming.

The branding could help GM directly rival electric-car startup Rivian, which promises an electric pickup truck and SUV next decade. Rivian has garnered immense support recently, including an investment from Amazon. GM was in talks with the company to make its own investment and perhaps use Rivian technology, though discussions fell through. Weeks later, Ford and Rivian announced a partnership with Ford injecting $500 million into the startup. Ford will also use Rivian’s platform for a future electric vehicle



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