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‘Go to Sambisa Forest’- Ajulo Tells Fence-Scaling Lawmakers

Barr. Kayode Ajulo has called on Nigerian politicians not to allow ego and selfish interest blind them from the onerous duty of defending the overriding interest of the people and the nation at large.
This was contained in a statement made available to journalists in Abuja on Monday, by Barrister Kayode Ajulo, a constitutionality lawyer who is also the Chairman of Egalitarian Mission for Africa.
He said: “Events in the last couple of weeks call for great caution, politesse and prudence on the part of political actors in the country. Emerging scenarios, encompassing carpet-crossing, unprocedural impeachments and sheer lawlessness and brigandage leave much to be desired.
“This country belongs to all Nigerians. It is unbecoming of any politician to start threatening fire and brimstone simply on account of suspicion that the 2015 general election will not favour his party. When such desperate declarations are made, it behoves on well meaning Nigerians to put to the fore alternative views.
“There are laid down procedures for seeking redress in electoral matters, and in the past parties across board had benefitted from such corrective mechanism.
“It is indeed even more disturbing if we recall that the same firebrand vituperations, aggressiveposturing and ominous declamations presaged the 2011 presidential election violence in certain part of the country.
“Promoting illegality by threatening to form parallel government not only speaks to the kind of vision and missions the persons and parties making such pronouncements are out to promote, it calls for eternal vigilance on the part of the people.
“Personally, we see it beyond a mere warning to the ruling party; it is indeed a threat to not only the electorate, but an onslaught on the corporate existence of the country.
“A party does not prove it has won an election by resorting to rowdyism. When an election has been rigged, it is not difficult to discern the truth. All the forensic tools for ascertaining the truth or the veracity of any party’s claims are available. It is not rocket science.
“It thus appears to us therefore that ab initio, our friends in the opposition deem the option of mayhem and bloodletting the only way to go in addressing such civil matter. It is as though the lives of the ordinary Nigerians who daily get caught up in these recklessly orchestrated acts of violence do not even matter to the politicians”.
The statement went further to condemn the recent invasion of the grounds of the National Assembly by some members and other unauthorized members of entourage leading to breakdown of law and order, wondering whether it was really the interest of “the people or personal ego, self-interest and narrow considerations that motivated such actions.
“It goes beyond saying that some politicians often exhibit vehemence not in the interest of the larger populace but rather in their own selfish interest. The same energy being expended on political brigandage could be exerted in matters that affect the life of the ordinary people.
“It is indeed interesting that in the more than two hundred days since the Chibok Girls were plucked from sleep by Boko Haram and whisked to the wild, no politician had pulled off any daring act of note. But merely in an attempt to make political point and demonstrate the zeal to defend democracy all sorts of unbecoming show of bravery, including scaling of gates and walls, were enacted by Honorable members of the hallowed chambers with deftness that would leave James Bond of old or John Wayne green with envy.
“The same athletic skills with which they jumped the fence could as well have been drawn on to leap into Sambisa Forest and spirit the missing girls to safety!”.

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