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God Will Visit Nigeria In 2022, Gabriel Lawal Predicts, Warns Nigerians To Pray


By Richard Thomas, Ibadan

The Spiritual Shepherd of New Jerusalem Parish of Celestial Church of Christ, Ogungbade area in Ibadan, Prophet Gabriel Lawal has warned that Nigerians need to pray hard if they want things to be right in 2022.

He also warned those terrorizing and causing hardship in Nigeria against the wrath of God, saying, they should repent and mend their ways with God in order to make peace reign supreme in the Land.

Prophet Lawal in his 2022 predictions and message to  Nigerians and leaders of the nation said the warning became inevitable in order for the people to come back to God and genuinely seek His forgiveness for Nigeria to return to its glory.

Speaking with WesternPost in Ibadan, the Clergy said it was high time Nigerians turn to God to seek his face for newness of the land and to avert problems and disasters befalling the nation over the years.

According to him, the woes and disasters the country has witnessed over the years was due to the sinful and wicked ways of the people in the land.

“God has revealed to me that He wants to visit the nation for good  and to save His people from divers problem this year if they turn from their sinful and wicked ways to Him.

“This year is the year of the Lord’s visit to Nigeria, hence the people need to come close to God in prayers and supplication.

“God is not happy with the evils and wicked happenings in the country such as kidnapping, dastard killings, rituals, homosexuality and other kinds of wickedness in the land.

“He has sent me to warn the people to mend their ways and turn to Him for the  forgiveness of their sins and evil ways. Those who are evil and adamant will be severely punished by God except they repent,’ he said.

Prophet Lawal urged Nigerians to pray very fervently against death of some top and prominent Nigerians in 2022, adding that people in high position should pray for the nation and themselves.

“You will recall that at the inception of 2022, the nation started recording death of some prominent Nigerians. This is a matter of serious concern for all. We all need to pray to God to avert this occurrence otherwise, the development may continue.

“God loves Nigeria but evil and wicked acts of the people are multiplying by the day. God is not happy with all these things. Yahoo people are increasing by the day, ritual killings and many evil activities have become the order of the day in the country.

“The leaders of the nation and the people need to come before God to seek His face in order for Him to heal the land. Nigeria is seriously sick and needs healing from God,” he added.

He said the hardship in Nigeria is a result of the many sins committed by the people, hence, they need to repent so that God will rescue the nation from destruction.

The Clergy specifically warned Yahoo members, kidnappers, ritual killers and wicked people in the corridor of power to repent and mend their ways before God this year otherwise, they will face the full wrath of God.




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