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Governor Fayose’s Street Credibility


You can’t take him for another person; that is Oshokomole himself, the ‘Irunmole ti n je rice’, Governor Ayodele Fayose at a Palm-wine joint at 133KVA area of Omisanjana, Ado Ekiti recently.

He stopped over at the joint after inspecting areas affected by flooding in the state capital.

As expected, the picture posted by one of his aides set tongues wagging:

Christopher Olateju complained: “A governor drinking during official duties, some call it street credibility, some call it governor of the people, for me I call it eyesore”

Ajayi Seyi said: “Just look at what governance have been reduced to, drinking palm wine”

But on the other side of the argument, Governor Fayose’s admirers saw his action differently. “Why are some of you going against this simple act of kind gesture from this man,” Norbert asks.

Sayo Alagbe said, “People and their insatiable belly-aching character. If this governor sees the people at the joint and ignore them, they would be saying that he is arrogant and full of himself.

“What else makes the masses happy than to see the man they are supposed to stretch their necks to see without trouble whatsoever and even in an unexpected arena. This is a good leader of men whose character is worthy of emulation”

However, you look at the governor’s action, one thing is clear: Governor Fayose is a controversial man and would likely remain so for a long time.


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