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Group Urges Buhari, Osinbajo to Make Public their Assets


By Ibidapo Balogun

The Movement for Revolutionary Change (MRC) has commended President Muhamadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo for declaring their assets in line with constitutional provisions, but expressed disappointment that the two leaders did not make public the declaration of their assets.

While admitting that the extant constitutional provisions do not require public officers to declare assets publicly, MRC says the new President and Vice President should have provided details of their assets to Nigerians to engender more transparency, public probity, accountability and integrity of public governance and among high ranking public office holders; also in the spirit of the ‘change’ ideology that dramatically brought the Buhari administration to power.

The new President has acknowledged on several occasions that official corruption and corrupt officials are the foremost bane of Nigeria’s development, and the Movement for Revolutionary Change (MRC) believes that these cannot be frontally tackled through secret declaration of assets by Nigeria’s leaders to the Code of Conduct Bureau, which has been a toothless bulldog over the years.

The Movement for Revolutionary Change (MRC) recalls that the late President Umaru Yar’adua declared his assets publicly, and even the immediate former President Goodluck Jonathan whose administration has been vilified for extolling corruption, declared his assets publicly under public pressure.

MRC also notes that President Buhari declared his assets publicly shortly after he won the presidential ticket of the All Progressive Party (APC).

We therefore urge the new President and his Vice to send the right signals right early in the administration by going the whole hog, and placing details of their current assets in the public domain, for robust debates and public monitoring, rather than submitting it only to the Code of Conduct Bureau, a body that has woefully failed in the past to bring corrupt public officers to book.


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