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Growing up in the Palace Is n’t Just About Silver Spoons, Golden Cups – Alaafin’s Daughter


Princess Adetutu Adeyemi Aigbe is the daughter of  Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III. She is the Commissioner for Culture and Tourism in Oyo State. The youthful commissioner spoke recently with SHARON VINCENT on various issues, including what growing up was like in the palace, her activities in the culture and tourism sector, family life, marriage and much more…  

Working with the Ajimobi led-government 

It has been a wonderful experience for me, It has exposed me to another sector of life. All of my working life has been overseas where I studied. Coming into Nigeria to work in the government environment under Senator Ajimobi’s government has been an exciting and challenging opportunity for me. You really have to be hard working, you have to work your butt out. It’s all work and no lazing around in Senator Abiola Ajimobi’s government.

Achievements in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

We have done a lot of programmes that really impacted in the lives of people in Oyo State, on a yearly basis we give out 20 scholarships to students who come out top in Yoruba Language in their (WAEC) to encourage them to know, appreciate and identify with their local dialect. We organize various kinds of festivals like Oranyan and Okebadan to harmonize our diversity and bring us together and showcase us to the world. We have also completed the first phase of the Agodi Gardens project, we are working on the second phase and also the commencement of Miss Tourism Oyo State which is coming up very soon.

That Gate Fee of Agodi Garden is Exorbitant

Agodi Garden is not owned by the government alone it is a PPP arrangement, Public Private Partnership with a South African company to build and manage it. With that, there must be a gate fee to enjoy recreational facilities. The gate fee is N500 which I think is okay. If they are expecting it to be free, how will the place survive, how will the investors get their money back? Don’t forget it is also serves as an avenue for employment generation for our youths who must be paid for the services rendered.

Growing up in the Palace under a Great Man like the Alaafin

In the royal home, we did not grow up with silver spoons and golden cups though they were available for us. My Dad ensured that we go through our childhood in a way that will be better for us in the future. We were assigned our daily home chores, my father made sure he instilled discipline in us which today has helped to shape our lives.  He scolded us when necessary, praised us when we do good things, especially in our academics. Though we had everything, but we still went through the normal rigors of life.

My Dad tried to expose us, we traveled all around the world with him. I traveled to 14 countries with him not me alone but all my father’s children. There was no room for laziness in the palace. I learnt entrepreneurship from my mother because she was a successful business woman. We the children do things together and have respect for each other even, when we are from different mothers it was fun growing up in the palace.

Would She Have Achieved Without the Name Adeyemi?

Yes and no. For my life is not about black and white, there are shades of green and that shade of green is what people don’t focus on. Being an Adeyemi  is an added advantage for me. I believe God has given me the in-built ability, inherent, skills that will serve me well and help me to build my own success in life. If I am a daughter of a king and I don’t do well in the position I found myself it is useless. So with or without the name I would have been successful because I have God who is the king of kings as the owner of my life. All the same I am happy to have come through the Adeyemi lineage it’s a privilege I thank God for that.

Beauty and Fashion Business

God and my mum is my motivation, I grew up to know my mum as a business woman. I like to see people especially women looking good, beautiful and lovely am not just only in beauty and fashion business am also a career consultant. Am proud to be a woman, if God gives me the opportunity to come into this world 20 times I will still be a woman that’s why I went into the beauty and fashion business.

Being married to Someone from another Tribe    

Being married to someone from another tribe has been a blessing for me, we have been able to cope and appreciate each other. My husband taught me many things I need to know about their culture in terms of food, greetings and dressing etc. It’s the love and respect we have for each other and the fear of God that has really helped us.

Balancing Career and Home

It has not been easy but I thank God for his grace but in everything you do, first things first. In life you need to have a priority and learn to set your goals and have deadlines for them. My family is my first priority I make sure I attend to my husband and children’s need. I set for my office as a commissioner, when I get home before I sleep I revisit my activities for the day and plan for tomorrow again. With these my home is steady and I have a happy home. That is what I want to encourage other women to do.

That Women in Politics Are Promiscuous

Women in banking, fashion are promiscuous even market women are promiscuous. Being promiscuous is about personality. It’s a matter of choice, especially if you don’t know what you are worth. If you think that giving yourself out to every man out there as a female politician is what will make people to know your ability and what you can offer, then promiscuity will be a go for you. It is a thing of choice not character.

Her Style

It is what I have inside of me that create my fashion style I constantly sketch colours and patterns to see how it will go together and I try it on to see the physical outcome.

Biggest Achievement   

My family is my most expensive achievement, being married and having children.

What She Admires in Her Husband

I admire his kindness and caring attitude and also his courage.

Most Expensive Acquisition

The knowledge that God gave to me. With that I can do many things, material things will come and go but your knowledge stays with you.


Am too pushy-when it comes to getting things done I don’t give up, I am extremely pushy and I worry  about it sometimes I want to slow myself down.

How Her Husband Supports Her

I thank God for the kind of man he gave me. He has been very supportive and helpful in taking care of the children when am busy; home chores and even in the kitchen which most men won’t do. He also encourages me in what I want to do and advises me. We also plan and do things together.

Advice for Young Couples/Ladies

They should know that life is not a bed of roses they should show love and respect to each other and joyfully and prayerfully face challenges that will come their way. The woman should play blind and the man should play deaf and dumb in the marriage to make it last.


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