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Guru Maharaji Moves against Seriki

*Says its taboo for ‘Seriki’ to lead traditional institutions 
By Adeola Oladele

A religious leader, the Living Perfect Master, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji, has said it is a taboo for vendors of some ‘alien religions’ like Seriki and their title-holders to preside over the affairs of the divine and sacred traditional institutions in Yorubaland like the Olubadan of Ibadan, if they are truly serious about the survival and sustenance of the race.

He also told the people of Ibadanland and members of the Olubadan Ruling House that the Olubadand stool is not meant to be occupied by anyone bearing religious titles such as Seriki.       
Maharaj Ji made the claim in a press statement made available to journalists in Ibadan, the Oyo State Capital, at the weekend, stating that the Olubadan stool remains an unadulterated institution that defines the identity of the Nucleus Race.
The head of the Seriki Family in Ibadanland, Chief Adebayo Oyediji has been laying claim to the vacant Olubadan of Ibadan stool.
He recently alleged that he paid the Olubadan-in-Council the sum of N170,000 for  promotion as Seriki in 2007 but that he was denied the opportunity to move up and be in line for succession now.
Oba Samuel Odulan Odugade 1 died last week, thus opening the battle for succession. The present Balogun of Ibadanland, Chief Saliu Adetunji, is generally seen as the Olubadan-in-waiting.
Guru Mharaj Ji said the stool pre-dates the advent of the white colonial overlords, who on arrival in Nigeria shores, got marvelled at the level of disciplined, harmonious and sophisticated administrative machinery in human management, with a highly competent army that was put in place by the Obas that occupied the throne.   
“This evoked the envy of the slave masters who betrayed the love gestures of the indigenous natives and surreptitiously plotted and overran the Nucleus Ancient kingdoms that ruled the world in the past and imposed their divide-and-rule organizational system of government alongside their mono-cultural religious practice.
“Moreover, it is clearly known by all Ibadan people and Oyo State that Seriki is part of the colonial traps set down to pollute and adulterate the culture of the Yoruba, particularly Ibadanland.
“In light of this fact, the kingmakers should take this crucial factors into consideration in choosing a replacement for our dear father and last Olubadan, Late Oba Samuel Odulana, Odugade 1, who peacefully transited recently, to join  our forbearers,” he said.       
The founder of the One Love Family, however, commiserated with the people of the ‘Holy City’ of Ibadanland over the demise of the revered monarch, adding that “hopefully, by Maharaj Ji’s Grace, the late Kabiyesi would soon join us to continue his good services, not only to the people of Ibadanland but Oyo State, Nigeria and the world in general.
“While we wish to assure the new Olubadan-to-be of all the love and support needed to rule the most
highly populated city in Black Africa, held in political and scientific obscurity because of the disconnection of the people from our culture and values system, we would like to stress the urgent need to have divine knowledge, which elongates one’s life and gives hundred percent guaranteed protection from accidental death, on land, sea and air,” Maharaji posited.

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