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Hair Colour Every Black Girl Should Try


Gone are the days when women would shy away from coloured hair based on fears of what some may say. Hair colouring is the most flattering accessory any fashionista can add to her style. Are you tired of your hair colour? Then, try these.

Gray:  Gray hair is the new blonde. If you don’t already have gray hair, you can get a brand new and ultra-modern look by colouring your hair gray.

Blonde: Talking about blonde hair, we mostly pay attention to colour and undertone of blonde but hardly think of hairstyles that will make your blonde hair look even more attractive. You can try this.

Red: Red is a high-maintenance colour in terms of upkeep but may be well worth it. If you want to go darker but still have a colour that wows, why not go red? The colour can vary from scarlet to brick, and it looks really amazing on skin with cool undertones.


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