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HealthPlus ePharmacy Launches First-Ever Digital Prescription Website

L-R:Nnenna Emenyonu, Head Business Development; Mr Chidi Okoro, Chief Transformation Officer; Emmanuel Ogundiminiyi, Head Retail Operations and Elizabeth Enajeroh, Head Business Growth all of HealthPlus Pharmacy during the launch of HealthPlus ePharmacy website today at their office in Lagos

HealthPlus, Nigeria’s first integrative pharmacy has made history by launching West Africa’s first-ever ePharmacy and digital prescription Platform.

Nigerians located anywhere in the country and indeed anywhere in the world can get a prescription from a certified pharmacist and have the medicines delivered promptly.

This game changing application will facilitate the interaction between patients (customers) and health-service providers nationwide.

It also marks a big step in the democratization of health in Nigeria and providing unprecedented healthcare access for Nigerians in all geographical locations.

The HealthPlus  ePharmacy is attributed to a rise in the number of internet consumers, increased access to web-based and online services, and the rising implementation of e-prescriptions in hospitals and other healthcare services.

With 108 million internet users in Nigeria and an estimated 120 million mobile phone holders, HealthPlus is now able to connect more Nigerians to qualified pharmacists and fast track the provision of efficient health care.

In a statement the Chief Transformational Officer of the company, Mr. Chidi Okoro: “Pharmacists are the first point of care for many Nigerians and are critical to ensure access to essential drugs.

“The HealthPlus ePharmacy platform is following the mission to enhance access to wholesome medicines and good pharmacy care services.

“Customers can now access professional pharmacists online from the comfort of their homes using mobile devices.”

Nigeria is also severely under served in the aspect of pharmacy stores locations. Only 25% of Nigeria’s local governments have any sort of pharmacy. That means, 70% of Nigeria’s local government areas have no access to a pharmacist.

Okoro pledged that “HealthPlus will help bridge this gap. Furthermore Nigeria has one of the lowest productivity rates in the world. This is due to absenteeism  and inadequate health care. If more Nigerians have access to health  and we take a more proactive approach, productivity will increase significantly.”



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