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Her Father’s Daughter Celebrates Her Birthday Today

Proud Father of his daughter at her Call to the Bar at the Nigeria Law School,Abuja,in 2007.

When I drove Abimbola, our younger daughter, and her mother home same day after she was delivered at the University College Hospital(UCH), Ibadan, Oyo State of Nigeria, everybody, on sighting her, exclaimed, “Haa, Ol’oju okunrin (Maleface), is your father running away nin?),” because of her striking resemblance of me.

Father and Daughter strategise on the day of my 40th birthday.

She is my look-alike,think-alike and act-alike. We share similar ideas and ideologies – books, music, sartorial and culinary tastes etc.

Even leadership traits -I was Class  Captain in my primary school from Class 2 to 4, School Mailboy in Class 5, and the Senior Prefect in Class 6.

Abimbola was the pioneer Head girl of Vale College, Ibadan, and I, the pioneer Chairman of the College’s Parents Teachers Association(PTA). We even both schooled abroad.

She, at Coventry University, Great Britain from where she took her LL.M. But, the point where we differ is her ‘penchant’ for big birthday parties!

Those who are not familiar with us know that I am a hater of big parties. (Nobody should dispute this ‘fact, please), or I will sue.

Today is her birthday, mine is 24 days away, God willing. Wait till then to find out if someone is lying about a penchant for parties. My dear AA, please, savour your day. God will continue to bless you. Amen.


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