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How Buhari Can Truly Cast Out the ‘General’ Demon


What was on the mind of President-elect Muhammadu Buhari when he directed his media team to issue a statement, banishing the appellation ‘General’ from his name and saying he only wished to be called and addressed as simply Muhammadu Buhari? We may never really know since there is no art to find the mind’s construction in the face as Shakespeare wrote. Could it be that Buhari does not want to be remembered in any way of his military past and particularly of his draconian rule as head of state? Or he simply wants to drop the toga of a former military leader and permanently wear the garb of a civilian leader in order to blend totally in a new democratic order. But seriously, the only way Buhari can really get his past military image and General prefix behind him is to deliver on his mandate and respect all democratic ethos so that we are not remembered of his days as head of state so people won’t get to say we told you, a leopard can change anything but his spots. Buhari must fulfil all the promises he made to the people before he was elected. He promised CHANGE and CHANGE we must get in all ramifications.


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