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How Faceless Rapist Impregnated 31Yrs Imbecile in Kogi


…parent solicits assistance from Govt

By Wale Ibrahim, Lokoja

The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, so says the scriptures. Do average Nigerians have fear of God?

Perhaps this might have accounted for some conscienceless and devil guided people are reported almost on daily basis of raping females in all age categories of women infants and the aged inclusive.

How can one identify an unknown rapist that  had settled to vent his sadist sexual urge on a 31year old Titilayo Bamidele, who was born imbecile, deaf and dumb.

According to the parents, Titilayo who is almost set to put to bed can not explain what happened that led to the pregnancy due to her challenges, “She can not talk or hear from you and no amount of signs used can make her understand enquiries,” Mr Ebenezer Bamidele, 77year old retired caterpillar operator stated.

Mr Bamidele  who went down the memory lane, also stated that since Titilayo was born in 1988 with the challenges, the family has been keeping keen watch on her since it became clear that their could not do anything for herself or on her own.

He said that even the mother of the Titilayo can not communicate with her daughter. She bath and dressed. She can’t do anything for herself and grew older more problems were encountered  in handling her. So let her out of sight could cause trouble as she does know the difference between people.

According to him, there was no need to send Titilayo to school since she can neither hear or talk in addition to her Imbecility that has incapacitated her.

The mother who is a cleaner in the church close to their Ajara quarters opposite the Jakura Marble Industry in Lokoja, carries her along.

Mrs Rachael Bamidele, the mother of the victim, said that on noticing strange signs and futures on her daughter tried to find out what happened to her, but could not get any answer, she rushed Titilayo to the Federal Medical Center Lokoja for a check.

Doctors who could not diagnose her verbally Referred her to maternity section where it was confirmed that she is pregnant.

Titilayo is currently attending antenatal of the Federal Medical Center, Lokoja.

Neighbours of the Bamidele family, expressed shock that Titilayo is pregnant wondering who might be responsible in view of her condition .

Mrs Bilkisu Muhammed attested to the fact that Titilayo has never been seen with anyone either outside or in the compound.

“Look at her condition, I don’t think any person in his full senses will come and toast her. I know the family very well. The mother is a good woman. Please let government assist them.”

Other neighbours also testified that the victim doesn’t wonder about as she looks mentally ill.

Any man that degraded himself to the level of engaging in having sexual intercourse with Titilayo should be a crazy man and God should punish him.

Mr Bamidele, father of the victim appealed to the Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello to come to his aid to fish out the culprit and mete out necessary punishment.

He also requested for financial assistance to take care of his daughter who is incapacitated and unfortunately was impregnated by an unknown rapist.


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