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How To Kiss A Boy in 7 Easy Steps



Every girl wants to leave that guy speechless with a great kiss that has a lasting effect but very few know how to go about it.

Here is how:

  1. Mic check 1-2

Remember how much joke is created of a smelly mouth? It is actually true that no guy wants to speak too long to a lady with mouth odor, talk less of kissing such. The first proper thing to check is the breath. Easy way to check is by breathing into one hand and perceiving the smell. This should be done when alone as you could gross out watchers.

  1. Right timing

Don’t just pounce on the lips like a hungry baby, calculate your timing. There is something sexy about spontaneous kisses. If you don’t want to make the first move, you can give him signals by staring at his lips while he talks. You don’t need to be lousy or obvious about it though.

  1. Close knit

Don’t strain or crane your neck for a kiss from a distance. The closer, the better and the more romantic. Let your hand come to rest or make a soft contact with him on his neck, shoulder or waist.

  1. Be calm!

The first kisses are usually soft and light. Until he changes the rhythm, don’t show your eagerness; remember you want to leave a lasting effect. Pause slowly and look into his eyes; this would make a tick in his head and turn the next few moments into a passionate thrill.

  1. Steady and focus

As soon as he makes the move, take off all distractions, you could close your eyes lightly to enhance it. Keep your lips soft and slightly parted. Put your imaginations work and allow him take the lead then dance to his rhythm.

  1. Use your hands

Don’t just stay there like a log of wood. There’s so much to explore and so much strings to pull just with your hands going around the expanse of his muscles.

  1. French kiss

This might take a while to figure. You also need to be sure your partner is in and wants it as well as you do. Push out your tongue a little bit, to the entrance of his lips, if your tongue is welcomed, have fun exploring but keep off if your tongue is repelled; the goal still remains making it memorable.

Infuse then your creativity from here on…


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