Home News Human Right Watch slams South Africa over Al Bashir’s escape

Human Right Watch slams South Africa over Al Bashir’s escape

Omar Al-Bashir, Sudan President
Omar Al-Bashir, Sudan President

Following the escape of arrest by Sudanese President Omar Al -Bashir who left South Africa in his official jet just as a South African high court took a short break to receive information from South African state lawyers over its interim order asking Mr. Bashir to remain in the country for alleged war crime he committed in Darfur;

Human Right Watch has slammed South African Government for disregarding it international legal obligation and disobeying its own court.

Diplomatic sources in South Africa revealed this morning that Mr. Bashir left his hotel for the Waterkloof Air Force Base in a Black BMW car and immediately departed the country under tight security at about 12noon, escaping yet another attempt by the International Criminal Court to arrest him for war crimes against humanity

According to International Justice Director, Human Right Watch, Elizse Keppler, she said: “When Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir took off from South Africa today, he took with him the hopes of thousands of victims of grave war crimes in Darfur who wish at last to see justice done. By allowing this shameful flight, the South African government has disregarded not only it international legal obligations, but its own courts. An opportunity was missed, nut a clear message has now been sent to Bashir that he is not safe from arrest. Business as usual is a distant memory for the wars crimes fugitive.

Mr. Bashir is wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) over allegations that he committed crimes against humanity in Darfur. President Bashir denies the allegations claiming that the ICC was set up to hunt down Africans.



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