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I Have Very Good Relationship with My Party, Says Amuwo-Odofin Chairmanship Aspirant Buraimoh

Engineer Valentine Oluwaseyi Buraimoh is one of the aspirants jostling for the chairmanship of Amuwo Odofin Local Government Council. He speaks about his chances in the race and what he will do for the council if elected in an interview with Correspondent ADEOLA OGUNRINDE…
Why are you in the race for the chairmanship Amuwo-Odofin Local Government Council?
First and foremost it’s an inspiration from God and having served under my wonderful chairman ComradeAyodele Adewale, I developed the interest in serving people. That was what attracted my interest in the chairmanship race knowing full well that the people at the grassroots need a lot of attention and affection particularly in the area of welfarism; they need someone who will change their environment to suit their desire. Having served under the chairmanship of Comrade Adewale, I realised that government needs to do a lot to help people within this local government, that is the reason that made me to desire to aspire.
What steps have you taken so far towards actualising this ambition?
As a result of what I said earlier, I have sat down in my inner room to look at the areas where the people are suffering, which are at the reach of the government to solve. I looked at it in the area of Health , Education, Infrastructure, Agriculture and Empowerment, both for youth and women. Those are the paramount areas where I think I can impact the life of residents of Amuwo-Odofin, and coming from my background as a former supervisor for works and being an Engineer I feel I have a lot to offer.
You talked about the things you have done, what are the things you have done precisely?
As a former supervisor for works under the chairmanship of Comrade Ayodele Adewale, I supervised all the projects including renovation of healthcare facilities, building of new schools, all the primary school within our province, road construction and so many others. Infact, we built a gigantic project that we tagged Legislative Chamber for Councillors, it’s the first of its kind in Nigeria, and that was one of the projects I supervised. Also, in the area of Health, which is paramount to the people, we did a lot. Today, what the people of Amuwo-Odofin  are enjoying during the time of Comrade Ayodele Adewale is no longer there. Within the shortest time, everything has gone down the drain, there is no laboratory center anymore, even the doctors’ salaries have being reduced from N170,000 to N50,000. What do you expect such a doctor to do having been short-changed. The same thing apples to nurses and other health workers. And we all know full well that health is wealth.
What is your relationship with your party?
I have a very sound relationship with my party, PDP, because I have served using the platform of the party in the council and I represent the interest of my party in the government, taking care of my party members and party structure and serving the council chairmanship well as well.
The primary election of your party will be coming up very soon, what will make you stand out from others contesting for this post?
I have said earlier on that coming from my background as a supervisor in the council and having served for six years under Comrade Adewale has exposed me to a lot of things particularly in the area of governance at the grassroots level. It is the government that is closest to the people, at the doorsteps of the people. Having served in the council for that number of years gave me that chance and that opportunity to be more popular and more tested than others to become the council chairman.
Some of the programmes that you have for the people of Amuwo-Odofin have been mentioned in your postings on twitter and Facebook, would you like to talk about them here?
It’s on my manifesto and how I will achieve them if given the opportunity.


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