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I Joined Politics to Make History, Put Smiles on People’s Faces, Says Fuji Exponent Taye Currency’s Son, Hon. Adebisi


By Richard Thomas, Ibadan

Honourable Yusuf Oladeni Adebisi is the lawmaker representing Ibadan South West 1 Constituency in the Oyo State House of Assembly. He is  the son of popular Ibadan-based fuji exponent, Alhaji Taiwo Akande Adebisi popularly known as Taye Currency. The young legislator, who doubles as the Deputy Chief Whip of the Assembly, is also the Vice-Chairman, House Committee on Youths and Sports. In this interview with WESTERN POST, Hon. Adebisi spoke on why he ventured into politics and his plan for the people of his constituency.


Tell us briefly about yourself?

As you know already, I am Hon. Yusuf Oladeni Adebisi, member of  Oyo State  Assembly, representing Ibadan South West 1.

As a legislator, what programmes do you have in place to improve lives of your people?

I have very laudable programmes for my people. I see my constituency as a forgotten constituency, it is a constituency that has produced great leaders and entrepreneurs over the years, but unfortunately, we don’t have secondary schools in that constituency as big as it is. It bothers me when a big constituency like Ibadan South West 1 does not  have  not have a secondary school. That constituency does not have a police station not to talk of a police post. In terms of health care, it doesn’t have hospital except one health care centre that doesnt function properly. The centre resumes by 10am and closes

by 4pm. What if something happens to the people of the area by  4pm downwards, would they have to  wait  for the  health workers  before the get medical attention?  So, like I said earlier, I will do a lot beyond the three  things I have mentioned to improve and better the lives of my people. I will do a lot to make my constuency  one of the best in the state.

Does it mean that past representatives  from your constituency have not done as expected?

Well, I thank them for their contributions,  government  is a continum and i want to say that they have done their best in their own little ways.

Why did you venture into politics?

I came into politics for two reasons. First is to make history, to do good things and do them differently. I am not saying past representatives from my area have not done well, but my own will be different with the level of my exposure and education. I am into politics to wipe  the tears of my people, to stop the killings in Ibadan South West constituency and to stop the taboo against my people that the area is the dirtiest in Ibadan. I want to turn my place to a land  of gold and diamond, I want the youths and the new generations to be the best in the history of  Ibadan south west 1 and Oyo State in general.


What were you doing before you came into politics?

Schooling, and I have also engaged myself in  different businesses.

To many people, they believed I got to this office on a platter of gold, No, it is not so. I believe that anything in God’s plan for us will not fail, hence, my being here today. It is the grace of God, focus and hard work too. Everything is according to the will of God. Secondly,  I have engaged myself in businesses where I gained and lost the same time. I am a farmer,  I’m into fish farming and all that. I have done all kinds of businesses  such as online business, charcoals business,  cashew and some others.

My father was not aware of many things I was doing then, but it was later he would hear of what I had done to sustain myself. He would be wondering how I got the money. Then I used to get money from my savings. I am not a kind of  boy who disturbs his father for  money, my own is just for him to pay my  school fees and when he does that, I will sort out my self. Throughout my days in school, I was never involved in any bad activities or convicted on scandalous things. I am always  law abiding.That’s one of the reasons am here today.

Interms of empowerment, what areas are you looking at to give succour to your people?

People say l love farming. Yes, that because farming is the best of all professions.  I want to engage my people in farming, this will help sustain them for a long time. Farming plays  important role in the sustainance of people and nation. Many of our leaders and fathers were farmers. But the youths of nowadays would say they like fashion designing and all that. We youths of nowadays are not lazy but jack of all trades and jack of all trades will result to master of none. I dont blame them because many  are not trained to be professional in a particular trade. Our visions and plans are often shifted by friends, family or our emotions to other directions of trades.

Again, i want to encourage the youths to come into politics, to represent other youths  at the state and National Assembly. We youths are always afraid, it should not be so, politics is for all of us.

Do you intend to remain in politics all your life?

I believe politics is in everyone’s blood. Everything about us is politics till the end of our life. As for me, I don’t intend to remain in the conventional politics all my life. Our leaders do say it is not good one dies in politics because of the bad things people do in it. If you don’t want to do bad things, they will push to do them. As for me, I want to do the best and bring the best out of politics. I am into politics to put smile on my people.


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