I Sacked Governor For Misappropriating N.3million, Says IBB


    For misappropriating about N313,000, a governor was sacked, says former military president, Ibrahim Babangida.

    Babangida, who was asked about the level of corruption in the country despite the efforts of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) during an interview on Arise TV on Friday, said the military was better in fighting the scourge of corruption than civilian government.

    According to him, with what is happening under civilian dispensations, the military could be described as saints with millions of naira being looted by government officials.

    He said: “You can compare it with facts on the ground now. From what I read, from analysis, I think we are saints when compared to what is happening under a democratic dispensation.

    “I sacked a governor for misappropriating less than N313,000. Today, millions are there on the streets. Those who have stolen billions are in courts and are now parading themselves on the streets. So, who is better in fighting corruption?”

    Asked if President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration has succeeded in its corruption fight, Babangida said that is left for Nigerians to decide.

    According to him, the administration promised Nigerians that it would focus on the economy, corruption and security, adding “it is for Nigerians to decide whether these have been met”

    Prodded further for his own assessment, Babangida said: “I would rather wait and see how the other party reacts. If they succeed in convincing me that they didn’t succeed in these and they showed me proof, then I will vote for them.”




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