One of the ringleaders of a notorious robbery gang who has been terrorising the South-west, TajudeenOloko, was arrested penultimate week by men of the Lagos State Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), Ikeja. Oloko claimed that he usually made love to old women before embarking on any robbery operation.

He said: “Before embarking on any robbery operation, it is like a ritual for me to look for an old woman of around 60 years to make love with because sex with them makes me not only strong but brave during operation”.

He was arrested at a popular hotel in Lekki area of Lagos along with the other members of his robbery gang. Oloko made the revelation in a chat with WESTERN POST at SARS headquarters in Lagos. He said he joined the robbery gang to make money and make life comfortable for his wife and children.

Oloko says robbery is not an easy thing. “To me, robbery business is a hard job, but it can be very sweet when you succeeded. Mr. Reporter, let me tell you that I have no regret in joining the armed robbery gang. Since my involvement in the business, my children and wife did not lack, my two children are attending one of the best schools in Victoria Island and I have paid five years school fees in advance”.

He also confessed to having partaken in several robbery operations in Lagos, Kwara and Ogun states. “I have made money and I have seen money. I have made real money for myself. And let me tell you one thing, at the cause of my adventure I did not kill any policeman”.

He said the last operation he was involved in fetched him around N600,000. “That was before I was caught by the police”.

When asked where he normally got his guns from, the suspect said a man from Republic of Benin, now on the run, sold guns to them at a cost of N200,000 each.

The suspect also disclosed that he made so much money from robbery and even had four exotic cars with two duplex in Lekki, Lagos.

He said the properties he acquired “have been willed to my wife and two children because, I know that the end has come. There is nothing that has a beginning without any end”.


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