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I Sold My Cousin For N10,000 – Confession of Precious Nwaigwe’s Cousin

Precious Nwaigwe Story, Confession From The Uncle
Kelvin Okorie and Ogbonna Njoku

15 year old Ogun schoolgirl Precious Nwaigwe who was abducted and sold to Libya by her maternal cousin Kelvin Okorie said she felt betrayed by him (Read  story here)

Okorie who was arrested and interrogated at the Police Command headquarters in Ikeja was paraded with his friend Ogbonna Njoku aka John.

Okorie said he handed Precious over to Njoku’s brother- Nzube Chukwu who was based in Libya but didn’t know that they were going to sell her into the sex trade. He said he was told that Precious could finish her secondary education in Libya then earn money by working at a fuel station and send some of her money back home to help her parents and didn’t know anything else other than that.

Okorie said they went to Njoku’s house in Alaba, got Njoku’s brother’s number and was given N10,000.

Precious said on the day she was handed over to her pimp, she noticed Okorie arguing with his friends over money but never knew that the money was the cost of her slavery into the sex trade.

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Okorie said he was only given N10,000 by his friend when he told him he was broke, he said they didn’t have any discussion about Precious being trafficked for sex. The Police asked him if he got any consent from Precious’s parents before he sent her to Libya but he said he didn’t. They further asked him why he didn’t tell her parents that he had sent her to Libya when her parents started to look for her if his intentions were innocent, but he said he didn’t know why he didn’t tell them.

Njoku however said he wasn’t involved in the abduction, he said that Okorie, Precious and one of their friends Daniel asked him for his brother’s number in Libya, he said he gave them the number and left hence was surprised when he got arrested by the police in regards to this crime. He admitted that he didn’t know what happened to Precious until after his arrest.

Okorie said he lied to Precious that he told her mother about your journey to Libya which was apparently a lie. Njoku said he was never told by Njoku that Precious was declared missing by her parents and was innocent of the crime he had been accused of.

Both suspects will be arraigned shortly.

Precious was  only allowed to return to Nigeria by the pimp after she had paid off the $6,000 the pimp had supposedly paid to Okorie and his goons to buy her.


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