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IBEDC Signs $400m MoU With Partners to Replace 200,000 Metres With Smart Billing System


By: Adeola Oladele, Ibadan

Electricity billing system in Oyo State will now receive a boost, just as the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC), is set to replace over 200,000 meters with the new smart metering system, with the aim of eliminating sharp practices from consumers.

This was disclosed by the Chairman, IBEDC, Dr. Tunde Ayeni, while signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Trans-Sahara Consortium in Ibadan on Wednesday to provide new smart meters that would be effective billing system.

He stated that the new smart meters would be of no cost to the consumers, as there would be an in-house and external meter with a control panel that would notify the consumers once the recharge is about to finish.

Dr. Ayeni added that any interference by consumer with the meters would make them to shortdown immediately.

“This is an investment drive to provide optimum service to our customers within our area of franchise. We are partnering with Trans Sahara Consortium to install smart metering programme within all our areas of distribution. This MoU we signed today we attract an investment of $400 million to cover the metering plan and infrastructure upgrade within our coverage areas.”

“This new technology has been installed in 32 countries in the world, it is a technology that is just coming to Nigeria. This will solve the problem of mistrust between Consumers and Disco. This will allow us to monitor electricity consumption and it is a self auditing system that takes control out of the hands of human and allow us to know exactly what has been consumed,” Dr. Ayeni explained.

According to him, the new smart metering system shuts down each appliance in the house when the card is getting low and shuts it completely when it was exhausted.

Ayeni further stressed that:” Consumers will not be able to bypass the meters again, because once you try to tamper with it, it will shutdown the system and we shall put strict monitoring device on it to ensure that it worths the investment. It will be installed in every house of electricity consumers.”

On the impact it will have on consumers, he said they would have to pay more because they would not be able to steal electricity again, adding that it will eradicate the era of using electricity illegally.

“We are tired of using those who paid for electricity to cover for people that do not pay.”

In his remark, the Chairman, Trans-Sahara Consortium,  Sen. Saminu Turaki disclosed that the new smart meters would provide over 200,000 jobs when it is fully installed in the next two years.

“Every transformer will have a business unit. So the person that is managing it will get N300,000 every month, so within a year IBEDC will create 50,000 to 100,000 people every year which is in line with the determination of President Buhari’s promise to create two million jobs. I can assure you that Ibadan Disco will create 250,000 sustainable jobs within two years.”

Turaki further assured that it would reduce power outage, as the transformers would be well managed and protected.


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