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Igala Nation Not Abandoned By APC Govt – Dr Goodman


By Wale Ibrahim, Lokoja

The Director General of Igala-Bassa Alliance for the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari in the forthcoming Presidential Election in the country, Dr Goodman Umar Akwu has debunked the speculation being diddled around that the Igala Nation has been abandoned by the All Progressives Congress (APC) led administration in the center.

Dr Goodman Umar Akwu

Dr Akwu, a Chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC) and former governorship candidate of All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) in the last gubernatorial election in Kogi State said rather than blaming President Buhari, those peddling the impression of abandonment of the east flank of Kogi State should blame their representatives, in either capacity of elective or appointment at all levels for their ineptitude.

The Director General of the Igala-Bassa Alliance for Buhari’s continuity group disclosed this in Lokoja in an interview with journalists yesterday, saying that the news making round that president Buhari is not being fair to the Igala nation is false and a handwork of mischievous ones in the society, because of their vested interest.

Akwu who said it’s good to give honour to whom honour is due, stressed that it’s on record that president Muhammadu Buhari appointed some people of Igala extraction to juicy position, besides sustaining many others in his administration that were appointed by the previous administrations,that supposed to be a blessing to the enclave.

“It’s a wrong notion, belief and perception, being spread around that president Buhari hates Igala -Bassa speaking people. Mischief makers are behind this news. I say,  it’s a handwork of mischief makers. As far as kogi state is concerned today,  the two major key appointments made from the state by president Muhammadu Buhari led administration were given to two of our eggs in the east district of the state: Professor Ikani Oseni and professor Sam Egwu,  were appointed Minister of state in Federal Ministry of Labour and productivity and Independent National Electoral Commission, (INEC) for Niger state respectfully.

“I still want to remind this ignorant ones that the National women leader of the APC,  Hajia Salamatu Baiwa-Eluma,  the state coordinator of the federal youth employment scheme,  popularly called, the empower, Alfa Momoh,  Chairman of Code of conduct Bureau, Justice Isaiah Idoko, the Executive Director  Nigerian Development Bank,  Anthony Okpanachi and many others in sensitive position in the present administration are from the east of Kogi State”,  he expressed.

He stressed that there are many Igala-Bassa sons and daughters, like the Director General of NARSDA, Professor Seidu Mohammed Ogar and others that were in position before the advent of President Muhammadu Buhari government, adding that because of his respect for the tribe and  retain the concerned in their respective position if not, he has the authority to remove  and replace them.

He said that the Igala-Bassa Alliance group that comprises  leaders and members of political parties, besides APC, Unionists, students,  youth group, women, artisans, among others from the east district of the state came together to canvass and tasks  eligible voters in the flank to vote for president Buhari so that the tribes can have another privilege to ask for more appointments and institution of infrastructure facilities to address the pressing needs of the people in the areas of the state.

“We are affiliate of other political organisations yearning for president Buhari to continue for another four years in office. Igala-Bassa ethnic group have been living together for centuries. We are into marriage of confidence, having identified our selling points,  so, we are out to sell president Buhari to the electorate in the flank for him to continue for another four years. We are set to compliment or support the party to ensure Mr. President receive victory at the polls in the forthcoming presidential election; therefore, we are working towards attainment of one goal”, he said.

He advised the people of the east district of Kogi to exercise caution, with rare inputs of their much acclaimed wisdom by voting for President Buhari, and, “Shun those trying to use the sin of the son to kill the father, because the son is yet to get his bearing right with the people.

“If the people have any grudges against the leader, they should direct it to the concerned,  not to president Buhari. The president Buhari I know will never support anything that is unconstitutional or illegal. The law of the land empowers people to seek for redress against leaders via legislature and judiciary arms of the government, as spent out by the constitution. So,  rather than venting  the anger of the son against the father, or vice versa, the people should endeavour to apply constitutional means to straighten things out”, he stressed.

The Director General of Igala-Bassa  Alliance for Buhari continuity noted that beside the group interest, belief and party, among the myriads of presidential candidates, “the words of integrity,  transparence, ability and bravery” can only be found in the life of president Buhari, adding that the tribes from the east district known for the above quality from the beginning of their creation should vote for him (Buhari), “for he is literally their own”.

The Igala-Bassa Alliance group is set to make goods their move to convince the electorate in the east flank to vote for president Buhari in the forthcoming presidential election as the group will go on a carnival campaign tour of Igala Bassa land on Tuesday next week in Kogi State .


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