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IJEBU IGBO: Brief History, Culture and Tradition


Thus Ijebu Igbo has the largest land mass of all Ijebus, and in Ogun state, Nigeria. It transitsto, and has three important boundary points at Ibadan, Ikire, and Ondo. The people of Ijebu Igbo speak the Ijebu dialect that is distinct from and similar to the Yoruba language unlike other ijebus. Ijebu Igbo boasts of many secondary schools, which are two of the foremost secondary schools in Nigeria,  Molusi College & Abusi Odumare Academy.

Ijebu Igbo Culture History Values
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Ijebu Igbo is the political headquarter of Ijebu North local government with many of its indigenes playing actively on the national political stage. The Yoruba People are an ethnic group of south western Nigeria and Southern Benin in West Africa.The Yorubas consistute over 35million people in total,and majority of this  population of Yoruba are from Nigeria and make up 21% of its population,well, according to CIA world-factbook, hence making them one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa.


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