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I’m Surprised Adeleke’s Associates Believe I killed Him-Nurse Who Treated Late Politician


The nurse who treated the first Governor of Osun State, late Senator Isiaka Adetunji Adeleke, on the day he died, Alfred Aderibigbe, has said it is wrong for the associates of the deceased to claim that he intentionally killed him.

During examination and cross-examination at the resumed hearing of the Coroner Inquest into the death of late Senator Isiaka Adeleke at the High Court in Osogbo, Aderibigbe said it took the effort of men of the Osun State Police Command to prevent his house in Ede from being burnt down.

Aderibigbe, who admitted that he is a victim of power, held that there was no way he could have injected to death the late Senator who he described as his benefactor.

He said the deceased had at different occasions asked for an overdose of pain killers, which he always craftily denied him.‎

The nurse also told the Coroner that long before his death, he had advised Adeleke against alcohol and cigarette smoking for the sake of his health.

He said while Adeleke heeded his advice on cigarette, the politician ignored him over taking alcohol excessively.

In the course of his accounts, Aderibigbe also said Adeleke’s sister, Mrs. Dupe Sanni, had some six years ago, rejected his treatment of her brother, saying that the sister, herself a trained nurse, had demanded why her brother would not engage the services of a more qualified health practitioner instead of Aderibigbe.

Aderibigbe failed to establish his actual qualification as a health practitioner and could also could not give an account of his schedule of duty as a nurse.

While giving his account, Aderibigbe also confirmed the account earlier given by the Chief Medical Director of Ladoke Akintola University of Science and Technology Teaching Hospital, Osogbo Prof Akeem Lasisi who had listed two ampoules of Analgin, four ampoules of valium (diazepam) – 10ml each making 40 milligrammes, one ampoule of pentazocine, one ampoule of gentamicin and two ampoules of hydrocortisone as the drugs administered on the late Adeleke.

Aderibigbe while admitting to treating the late senator for gout arthritis, after being called to his Ede country home around past 4 am on the day of his death, denied administering all the empty ampules of injections found in his room on him.

Led in evidence by his counsel Lekan Alabi, Aderibigbe said he gave the late politician some drugs he had already left with him( the nurse), however denied administering all the empty ampules of injection found his room on him.

According to him, “He usually call me to complete his drug prescribed for him in Abuja or Lagos. He usually bring injection for his leg and sent me to buy if it is not enough.

“I have never prescribed drug for him despite our relationship. About six years ago, his younger sister, Sister Dupe, told me that I should let him go to hospital whenever he is sick, but late Adeleke shut her up.

“I showed him a video clip on cancer and he has since that day stopped smoking, but he drinks alcohol especially when politicians are with him. He likes to drink St. Remmys.

“He didn’t want me to be far to him. He asked me to go to local government to ensure that I have my plot of land at the back of his house.

“On April 23, I was sleeping inside my house. At around past 4, I heard some people banging my gate, shouting. I opened the wicket and saw his campaign vehicle and those there said Guv (Adeleke) sent for me.

“They said they had called me earlier. I picked my phone and checked and saw that I had 16 missed calls. Senator had called, his friend, Dipo Faborode and others had called.

“I called Oga ( Adeleke) and Dipo picked it and senator collected the phone from me and told me that that gout was disturbing him. He said I should bring along his injections. When I got there I saw him in pains. He told me that he had called me and had called. He asked for his objections and I brought them out.

“He said he was weak. He asked if I brought intravenous fluid apart from the injection. I went and brought it. I saw some oral drugs which I think he had taken. He started calling the drugs one by one and Dipo was there. He said he knew all his drugs offhand. He brought out a prescription.

On April 17, he showed me a prescription and gave me those drugs that I should take them home. I asked him to give me the prescription but he said no.  I don’t know the name of the Doctor but it was an Igbo name. I saw something hospital but

“His blood pressure was 130/80. Temperature 37.4,  respiration  was 26 beat per minute, pulse 86. I saw that all his vital signs were okay. When I was checking his vital signs he said he was getting better and told him it is psychological because I am around.

“Because, I saw some drugs on ground, I asked if he had taken anything, and he said there was nothing he had not used before I came.

“I broke three out of the four injections I brought,to trick him, since he insisted that I gave him all the dosages as against what I saw in the prescription.

“I stayed with him from around 4 and left at 7:50, i normally stayed until he wakes up, but, I had to go take permission from church because I was supposed to teach Sunday school..I left Dipo there.

“I came back and met him still sleeping, Dipo was behind him when I entered, I called his name “De Guv” but, he didn’t not respond well. I gave him cardiac massage when I discovered that he was not breathing.

“We raised an alarm and brought his Escalade. He was infact driven against the traffic and was speeding. His vehicle attracted attention. I think he would have died before reaching Biket Hospital.

“Dr Adenle knows that I’m his nurse, he asked what injections I gave him, and I told him. Baba said what I gave him was the normal dosage for gout.

“Dr Adenle checked his hand, and pronounced him brought on dead. People started trooping to the hospital and sister Dupe Came. She asked what I gave him, and why we didn’t call her. It was then she started screaming “I told him not to contest governor”

“I was troubled, agitated and restless. The former attorney general, Wale Afolabi persuaded me to calm down. Myself and his friend, Dipo were the last to see him alive.” He stressed.

The coroner adjourned its sitting till Friday.‎


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