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In and around Ibadan: *Where Does Chief Michael Koleoso Stand Now? *Now that YinkaAdepoju is Back at OYSAA… *Selling Cutlasses in Traffic!


That was the question on the lips of political pundits in Oyo State when Governor AbiolaAjimobi went on tour of OkeOgun.

The former Secretary to the State Government (SSG) under late former governor Alhaji Lam-Adesina, Chief Michael Koleoso was conspicuously absent on Governor Ajimobi’s entourage, fueling speculations that all was not well after all between the duo.

Shortly after the passing of Great Lam, political watchers had expected the Saki-born former SSG to become the next leader of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), now All Progressives Congress (APC), but that was not to be as loyalists of the governor resisted the move, maintaining that Governor Ajimobi remained the leader of the party in the state.

From that moment Chief Koleoso seemed to stepped aside, adopting Chief Bola Ige’s ‘siddon look’ approach in line with the Yoruba saying that ‘when a youth is hacking at a tree, it is the elders who know on which side it will fall’.

In this case, Governor Ajimobi is the one cutting the Iroko tree and perhaps, Chief Koleoso knows where it will fall in 2015.


Selling Cutlasses in Traffic!

Their seemed to be no end to the array of products that you can now buy while stuck in traffic. From pillows, to toys, wrist watches, mobile phones, chemicals, picture portraits, even giant mirrors, name it, more and more items are finding their way into traffic.

But there is a new addition to the list, cutlass, yes strange as it might seem, a man was seen brandishing a sharp cutlass in traffic in Ibadan all in a bid to sell. A motorist who saw him coming towards her car was scared stiff until she realised the man was seeking a buyer for the unusual item.

What would you have done, if you find yourself in a similar situation, jump right out of your car and take to your heels? Well, the woman in question didn’t flee but she was really scared and any other person would.

But, despite government efforts at stopping the menace of street trading, the recalcitrant hawkers have refused to stop selling in traffic. That however, is the fault of you and I, we are the ones patronising them and giving them the strength to keep returning. Stop buying from them and they would disappear from the roads, which is the best way to help them, particularly the kids among them whose lives are exposed to dangers every day while selling pure water in ‘go slow’.

Back to the issue of selling a sharp cutlass in traffic, it reminds me of Sir. Victor Uwaifo’s hit track, ‘Guitar Boy,’ where he said: ‘If you see mammy water, never you run away,’ so, next time you are stuck in traffic and a dude comes along brandishing a cutlass for sale, don’t run away, just wind up and pump up the volume of the car, you won’t need to say a word before he moves on to the next car.


Now that YinkaAdepoju is Back at OYSAA…

The return of award-winning Director General of Oyo State Signage and Advertisement Agency (OYSAA), Mr.YinkaAdepoju portends good omen for outdoor advertising in the State.

Since he left last year under controversial circumstances, much had gone wrong that needed to be put right, little wonder that Governor AbiolaAjimobi decided to bring him back as the man who the cap fits.

Adepoju, a veteran in the industry and fellow, Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria (APCON) was appointed DG of the agency established by law to regulate and control outdoor advertising practice in the State.

And since he took charge, outdoor advertising had received a boost in the State. The electronic billboards that lights up different parts of Ibadan metropolis were his brain child.  Improving outdoor advertising in Oyo State has been the goal to which the OYSAA DG remained committed and his vision is to build the State into a role model in the sector.

Towards achieving this, the advertising expert has been leaving no  stone unturned in his determined effort at sanitizing the sector through ridding the state of clustered billboards, carrying out a proper re-grading and reallocating of Outdoor Space to usher in orderliness, decency and beauty as the DG once remarked.


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