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Incredible! Labaran Maku, Mr. President Still fell out?


Who in his wildest imagination could ever have thought Labaran Maku, the immediate past Minister of Information and National Orientation would today be exchanging angry words with his former principal, President Goodluck Jonathan, whose policies he used to defend fiercely.

Have you forgotten so soon how as Minister of Information, Maku would go to no end, defending every policy of the current administration even, when it is obvious he was only doing so to earn his pay, but not really convinced of what he was arguing for or against.

Have you forgotten how Maku used to talk and talk and talk for hours, in a desperate attempt to convince Nigerians and prove that the present government has improved the lives of the citizens.

In fact, during his Good Governance Tour, Mr. Maku once spoke for not less than three hours and one was left wondering where he gets the energy to talk that much from, bearing in mind his small body frame.

While still in the employ of Mr. President, Maku had cause to exchange strong words with critics of the government sometimes calling them names.

Who was yet to get Maku’s tongue-lashing or overzealous effort to please Mr. President? Is it the Northern elders, who were opposed to Jonathan’s re-election bid? Prof. Wole Soyinka, who called Maku’s Good Governance Tour a scam? Or Governor Rotimi Amaechi, who proved to be Mr. President’s albatross in Rivers State and Governor Adams Oshiomhole, who turned down the former minister’s request to allegedly fund the tour in Edo State.

The list of those Maku whipped with his mouth goes on, all in a bid to protect his job and perhaps Mr. President.

But all that has now changed.

Mr. President could not help Maku get the PDP governorship ticket in Nassarawa State. He lost out in the power play and had to defect to the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) to push his guber ambition.

If you ask me, I think Mr. President and Maku shouldn’t fight, sebi Governor Rochas Okorocha confessed that APGA, his former party is a branch of PDP, so what is the quarrel between the two?

Besides, through their recent altercations, Mr. Maku, the PDP and the president are only keeping to the rule by which politrick-cians live, ‘no permanent friend or enemy, only permanent interest’.


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